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My Mad Fat Diary Season. 2
Kim So-jeong Junior Reporter  |
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[128호] 승인 2014.06.16  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

It is 1996. Rachel, simply called “Rae,” the main character of My Mad Fat Diary, is a 16-year-old girl, crazy about music and has a hobby of finding cool guys. She especially likes Oasis and Damon Albarn, a vocalist for the band “Blur,” and puts their photographs in the back of her mirror. Rae weighs more than 100kg which means she is overweight.

Because of her fat body, she has a low self-esteem and even attempted to commit suicide. The story begins with Rae being released from the mental hospital after having treatment. Discharged Rae builds relationships by hanging out with friends and falling in love with a handsome boy “Finn.” Rae is a very attractive character who is unstable, but full of imagination and sexual curiosity.

Situation. 01 Rae and Finn have their first date at the bowling alley.

(We met that night, Tixy. Just him and me. We hadn’t said it was a date, but it definitely was a date. By the way, his arse is so beautiful that sometimes, I have to stop myself from crying when I look at it.)
Rae: Not too shabby, Findlay.
Finn: Right, you’re up. Are you sure you don’t want the bumpers up?

Situation. 02 Rae roots for Finn’s team during Finn’s football game. After the game, they have a conversation in a boy’s changing room.

It stinks in here.
Finn: They add that boy smell, so you know you’re in a changing room!
Rae: You looked good out there. Proper manly.
Finn: You say the weirdest stuff sometimes! You do.
Rae: You don’t think I’m weird, though, do you?
Finn: No.
Rae: I don’t want you to think I’m weird by asking if you think I’m weird. By the way, I'm not paranoid about stuff like that, I’m not some kind of person...(Oh, my God! (Finn kissed to Rae))

Situation. 03 Rae and Finn go camping with their college friends Chloe, Archie, Izzy, and Chop before they enter the college. Only two of the tents are ready, so Rae gets depressed that she could not stay the night with Finn.

Wanna go for a walk, girl? Archie Cute, aren’t they?
Izzy: Yeah.
Rae: You know you don’t have to give me space, don’t you?
Finn: What do you mean?
Rae: I mean that I know I’ve been ill’re the only one who doesn’t ask if I’m all right all the time. I like that. That you just treat me normal. I like you.
Finn: I'm glad you like me. Because I’ve got a surprise for you.
Rae: Oh... What’s this?
Finn: When I say, To be continued, I mean, to be continued.
Rae: (Jesus. I was so turned on, we were gonna need a canoe and life jackets.)

Situation. 04 Finn got a new girlfriend Olivia, but breaks up with her because of Rae. He asks Chloe how to get over his feelings for Rae. Chloe feels bad since she bears one-sided love towards Finn.

I broke up with Olivia.
Chloe: Well, are you all right?
Finn: Yeah.
Chloe: (Oh, my God! He’s single again. You have to tell him how you feel. Look what happened last time. Tell him, tell him. Oh, God!)
Finn: Chloe, can I ask you something?
Chloe: Yeah.
Finn: How do you get over someone? How do you move on?
Chloe: Well, what do you mean?
Finn: I broke up with her because I can’t stop thinking about Rae.
Chloe: Erm... I don’t know how you get over someone. I’m crap at advice. I’m crap at anything like that, really. Maybe you never do.

Source: Channel4

date 데이트 arse 엉덩이 stop myself from -ing 내 자신을 -하는 것으로부터 멈추다 not too shabby 나쁘지 않네 you're up 네 차례야 root for 응원하다 it stinks in here 이곳에서 냄새가 나 changing room 탈의실 paranoid 피해망상적 go for a walk 산책하다 give me space 배려해줘 treat me normal 나를 평범하게 대해줘 be so turned on 흥분하다, 신나다 need a canoe and life jackets (신나서) 홍수가 날 지경이다 break up with 누군가와 헤어지다 get over someone 누군가를 잊다 move on 정리하다 crap at sth 무엇인가를 하는 것에 능숙하지 못하다

Kim So-jeong Junior Reporter

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