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[129호] 승인 2014.09.01  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Those who are indispensable, if not essential at universities. Those who can deliver their knowledge. Those who are mentors, who can give us practical advice as foregoers. Even in disregard of all the above, they are also the ones who are difficult to become intimate with, since they always seem too high up. They are the professors. Professors are some of the most important people in a student’s life. Nonetheless, there are not many students who feel that they can freely ask help and receive counseling from them. Even so, you must know something. Professors were once students, too. They can understand our difficulties and hardships and are willing to give help. They are not just eople who judge us. They are also real-life care-givers. In this article, The UOS Times interviewed two professors about their views on education, passion, and heir levels of affection towards students.

Professor's Professor

Professor Kim once was a student, too. He also learned some important virtue and attitude which is more essential than grades from his professors. During his university period, he met the most important mentor of his life. His mentor, who is still an accomplished scholar, gave Professor Kim a great influence. This mentor of his, his professor in fact, inspired Professor Kim to choose his specialty. From study skills to a teaching style, he still admires his professor. “I was sometimes scared of him, but he still had the biggest influence on me” said Professor Kim. It seems that he followed him much to learn about academics and life.

There is another professor whom he came to understand only recently. During his student-hood, he did not think very highly of this professor. As time went by, however, as a professor himself, he realized that how difficult it can be to devote his whole life to one thing. As a scholar, whose vocation is working steadily on his academics, the fact that his professor never became lazy of his work even for a moment gave Professor Kim a big lesson. Some students can carelessly think that his professor is not that respectable. Yet, it is not recommendable to forget your professor since they do give students a lesson in any aspect throughout their life. The time we spend as a student of someone might be short, but the memory of them teaching us lives on forever.

An Effort to Communicate with Students

The concept of “sharing” is the most important thing that Professor Kim cares about when beginning relationships with students. He said he tries to share his ideas and thoughts with students. As a foregoer of life, there are things that he would like to deliver to his students. Nontheless, when sharing his thoughts in conversations, he does not force his ideas on the students unilaterally. He also takes their views into consideration. Professor Kim’s way of communicating seems to create an affinity between him and the students.

To give a one-sided lecture is not what he wants. The intent behind his constant thought of sharing is for growth and development of both him and his students. By sharing ideas with each other, they can expand their worlds which were limited only inside of their own before. It is this capacity of understanding the difference that makes the world a better place.

“Class is not something that is shaped only by the teacher. To make the best out of a class, both students and teachers should meet halfway in terms of efforts. If students are ready to become more open-minded, teachers can give them much more knowledge and help in ways that they ever expected. Students should choose a class not for just their grades but for their life experience. Show initiative.”

Faith in Students’ Abilities

Professor Hwang believes that students often underestimate themselves. They do not believe in their own capacities. The one thing that she wants to say to all students is that they can do far better than what they think they can do. Giving confidence is something essential to Professor Hwang's education. She said that she would like to teach the students that passion can overcome any weaknesses.

Herself as a Professor

Before Professor Hwang began working at a university, she worked as a researcher at Samsung Group. Her former job was something that everyone would admire, but it failed to challenge her continually. As a professor, she said she is glad that she can now share her unlimited imagination and keep challenging herself. Combined with her various experiences, she gives her students realistic information and practical advice which are very helpful when they plan their futures.

The Professors Help Those who Help Themselves

“Frankly, it is true that I prefer the students who are polite, smile brightly, and always do their best.” It is a common sense. Those who keep a basic sense of etiquette deserve more affection.

Do not Wish Achievement Without Effort

As everyone knows, in the field of engineering, women are kind of “rare.” There might be some female students who are discouraged psychologically because of this. Professor Hwang, however, strongly expressed that this is a matter of effort, not innate intelligence and gender. She also experienced “feeling like a loser” like it was only her who was falling behind when she was a student. However, as she demonstrated, with a hardworking attitude, there is nothing that is un-obtainable.

“Never desire for what you do not deserve. If you want something, show that you deserve it.”

All photos credited by Moon Han-sol

Moon Han-sol Junior Reporter

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