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Jeong Sae-hee Vice Editor-in-C  |
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[130호] 승인 2014.10.22  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

It feels surreal to be writing my first ever ? and perhaps my last ? Editorial to the 130th magazine of The UOS Times. When an opportunity to become the Vice Editor-in-Chief of The UOS Times came, I was more concerned than joyful for I know there are just too many responsibilities and workload that come with the position. Although the work on my part is nothing compared to that of the Editor-in-Chief, I was scared to take the first step. Looking back, however, becoming the Vice Editor-in-Chief has been the best decision I have made so far this year. Ever since July, our time in The UOS Times has been very dynamic. We had four more passionate Cub Reporters joining us at the end of last month, and other Cub Reporters who stayed with us from the very start of the 2014 were successfully promoted to continue their journey as Junior Reporters. During my time here, I plan to assist Kim Soo-yeon, our Editor-in-Chief the best way possible to provide our Reporters with a right environment to work in.

Although we were a little pressed for time, especially with midterms coming up, we had a lot of fun making this month’s issue. Hopefully our readers can have a great time reading our articles as we did writing them.

In this issue, The UOS Times will talk about the institutional problems that are at the heart of the UOS student exchange program in our main article, the Cover Story. In Society, we tried to remind our readers of the importance of human rights by looking at the issue of sexual slavery. As entertainment, we prepared a trip to Seonyudo Park, an insight to ENACTUS and those that work for the improvement of student welfare at UOS. Not only that, an analytic comparison of an all time favourite, Gone with the Wind, and a recent hit, Begin Again are waiting to be read. Enjoy!

Jeong Sae-hee Vice Editor-in-Chief

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