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Impeachment of President of the Student Council
By Yoon Hye-shin  |
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[131호] 승인 2014.12.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

▲ Representation of psychological distance between the President and the Vice President
On Dec. 4, the President of the Student Council, Choi Wonjun (Dept. of Landscape Architecture, ’09) evaded expulsion because the meeting failed to assemble 900 students at the students’ general assembly. Not even 30 people attended the assembly which nullified the impeachment at once. A bill to impeach Choi was issued due to his inadequate actions as a president. The Vice President Jung Tae-hwan (Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, ’09) along with ten others issued the impeachment of Choi on Nov. 14, and the process went off through the 500 signature- collecting campaign. Jung took the risk of his own expulsion to expose Choi’s faults. In the meantime, during the impeachment period, the acting President was Cho Chang-hoon (Dept. of Philosophy, ’10), the president of College of Humanities.

Because of the insufficient number of students attending, a mock general meeting was held to satisfy the rights of students to know. The main topics discussed were regarding charges against Choi such as embezzlement and illegitimate removal of directors along with a lack of handover process after the removal. Although the problems regarding him were left unsolved even after a long debate, since the impeachment was cancelled, Choi will resume his term as a president.

Conflicts between President Choi and the directors of the Student Council divisions were drawn to attention when the im-JBS

The new Student Council and the Executive Secretary, Lee Chul-gyu peachment was issued. They aroused regarding the participation of residence time and meetings. According to Choi, “I already mentioned about the residence and meeting on the Kakaotalk… I continuously requested … but no one came.”

On the contrary, the Student Council members felt outraged when they were fired by Kakaotalk without any notice. Their assertion is that Choi fired them due to the personal reasons and did not explain thoroughly why they were one-sidedly informed of their dismissal; Moreover, they insisted that Choi sabotaged the proceedings posted on Gwangjang from the meeting on Sept. 20 at which their dismissal was discussed.

By Yoon Hye-shin

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