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The 51st Student Council “Close-Up”
By Yoon Hye-shin  |
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[131호] 승인 2014.12.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

▲ The new Student Council and the Executive Secretary, Lee Chul-gyu
On the night of Nov. 14, Cho Chang-hoon (Dept. of Philosophy, ’10) and Han Ok-gyu (Dept. of Business Administration, ’08) were chosen as the 51st President and Vice President as a result of “The 51st Student Council Election” held from Nov. 12 to 14. For this year, there was a single candidate called Close-up, consisting of Cho and Han. The name “Close-Up” shows their goal to make small yet essential changes in school and amending existing problems. They brought up election pledges which aim to increase students’ welfare and communication between the Student Council and the students. Their goal is firm with a slogan; Making the Student Council the way it should be.

They want to end the eventful Student Council in these past two years. They emphasize on the modesty and credibility and are looking forward to restore the reliability and function of the Student Council. However, the actual promises they made were questioned due to not having a notable peculiarity. Jeon Won-gyo (Dept. of Korean History, ’10) said, “None of these pledges seems new to the students and they are being too vague with their promises. We need something new for the students.”

Therefore, on Nov. 6, at the press conference, “Close-Up” gathered with the press of UOS to try to answer the questions and examine practicality of the promises that they made. They said, “We tried to avoid the unrealistic pledges because we know from the previous Student Council it is better to not make any impractical promises. With a limited budget, it is better for the future Student Council to satisfy the students with basic necessity of their needs.”

As the newly elected 51st Student Council, their aim is to be a bridge between the students and actual authorities, The City of Seoul and UOS. Although “Close-up” strongly believes those little steps can make big differences later on, without solid steps given to pursue their goals, the outcome remains questionable.

By Yoon Hye-shin

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