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Preparing for Spring
Kim Soo-yeon Editor-in-Chief  |
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[131호] 승인 2014.12.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Korea is blessed with beautiful and distinct four seasons. Now, last of the four, winter has come. In Western cultures, winter was portrayed as death. Full of sorrows like those of Demeter who lost her daughter to Hades, winter was conceived as cold and morbid. Falling leaves, bare grounds, and the quiet among animals symbolized death of the year. Our ancestors, however, believed that winter was time to prepare for new lives to come in spring. Time to get ready for new yellow-green buds on tree branches to sprout, cherry blossoms to bloom, birds to sing again, and frogs to be awaken from hibernation.

This year, many tragedies that took many of our people’s lives grieved us. Indeed, our winter this year is full with sorrows. The country was too often covered with tears and yellow ribbons. Now, winter has come to embrace us with white snow. Cold it may be, the cold snow keeps, the earth warm. Likewise, The fever from the events past might have cooled down by the snow, but our hearts will be warm just like the ground of winter broods sprouts. At the edge of 2014, we must look back and remember the cruelest month in the next year to come, possibly the only power we can muster right now. Hopefully, when the spring comes in 2015, along with a thaw, stout and promising sprouts would grow.

In this issue of our magazine, we had a look into school facilities for our students. Wondering why classrooms are so freezing? Ask Cover Story! For those who have difficulties with English, please have a look at our People!

Professors offered their hands in learning English. Now that the finals are over, why don’t you go for Liar? Better yet, you can relax at Seochon; it will relieve your stress from all the school work and exams. 2014 is almost over; Society, in regards to tragedies of this year, questions whether we are safe in our society. Let’s meet again when the spring comes! By that time, it will be perfect for cycling.

Kim Soo-yeon Editor-in-Chief

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