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Searching for Spring
Kim Soo-yeon Editor-in-Chief  |
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[132호] 승인 2015.03.25  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

A month of March has always made people’s hearts skip a beat with hopes for warmth and pleasant sunlight. However, this month is not what we expected. Cold wind still pierces our skin, and we wear thick jackets and knitted scarves like armors against it. New coats in baby pink or sky blue have to wait a little more to see the light. The only sign of spring we can find is advertisements of strawberry products.

To me, spring is a break between two harsh seasons - cold winter and hot summer. I cannot help but feel that the break is getting shorter because spring does not last long anymore. I remember how warm the weather was even in early March when I was younger; I would wear my pale pink jacket and go to school while enjoying fresh buds and blossoms on tree branches. The path to school was peppered with dandelions and violets. I used to pick azaleas and suck nectar from them. I may have felt like spring was longer in the past because I was a child then, but I believe it is because I am losing room for spring in me. I am losing leisure in myself to look around to really observe the changes spring is bringing around me. I may have been missing small flowers and green sprouts on the ground because I failed to notice them. Spring will come to those who look for it; we just need look. Then, spring will blossom in our minds like before.

Welcome to the first issue of 2015! In this issue of our magazine, we examined the last year’s Student Council for a better Council this year in Cover Story. On a lighter topic, Society will tell you what you do all day, but do not realize while doing it: Enjoying snack culture! Dear fellow students; Are you wondering what you can do in UOS? Read our People to help you make up your mind about joining us. This time, The UOS Times prepared a special trip for you to Singapore, the city of lion. Why don’t you grab a copy of this magazine and watch Theater Art Research Club’s play? The word is, it is free to freshment!

Kim Soo-yeon Editor-in-Chief

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