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[132호] 승인 2015.03.25  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

There are several heroes whose names end with “man” like superman, batman, and spiderman. However, you should not confuse those heroes with birdman. Actually, birdman can be considered as a hero but movie Birdman is not just like any other hero movies. Filmed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Birdman talks about life of an actor, Regan Thompson. He was popular for his acting in Birdman but now is just a poor, divorced, and unpopular actor. To show people that he is alive and well, he directs and appears on his new play, “What They Talk When They Talk About Love.” Unfortunately, he faces several serious problems. Here is when the movie starts.

What makes this movie special is that the character, Regan Thompson, is somewhat similar to a real actor named Michael Keaton, the actual actor of the character Regan Thompson. Michael Keaton actually appeared in Batman 2, but after this movie, he did not have a notable career on acting. Michael Keaton’s batman can be compared to Regan Thompson’s birdman. To Michael Keaton, the movie Birdman itself is a play “What They Talk When They Talk About Love” made into a movie. These things make this movie reputed as a “real movie,” and “something genuine is upcoming.” Also, this movie uses long-take camerawork, which means the point of view of filming camera is continuous.

Sam :
No, um... When I was in rehab, they made us do this.
Riggan : Really? What is it?
Sam : It’s a... These dashes represent the six billion years that earth has been around. So each dash represents a thousand years. And um, this is how long humans have been here. 150,000 years. I think they are trying to remind us that that is all our ego and self-obsession are worth.

Riggan :
What’s the matter with me? Tell me. Why do I always have to beg people to love me?
Lesley : Eddie, please. Give me the gun. It was me. I was drowning. I am just not capable of... You deserve to be loved. Eddie. You do.
Riggan : I just wanted to be what you want. Now I spend every f**king minute praying to be something else. Something I am not!
Ed : Just put the gun down, Eddie. She doesn’t love you anymore.
Riggan : You don’t, do you?
Lesley : No.
Riggan : And you never will?
Lesley : I’m sorry.
Riggan : I don’t exist. I am not even here. None of this even matters. I don’t exist. I don’t exist.

Birdman :
You are lame, Riggan. Rolling around with that poncy theater f**k in an 8 hundred-seat s***hole like this. Now you're about to destroy what is left of your career. It’s pathetic.
Riggan : Breathing in, I am calm. Let’s get the hell out of here while we can. I ignore this mental formation. This is a mental formation.
Birdman : Stop that s**t! I am not a mental formation. I am you, a**hole.
Riggan : Leave me alone.
Birdman : You were a movie star, remember? Pretentious, but happy.
Riggan : I was not happy.
Birdman : Ignorant, but charming. Now you are just a tiny, bitter c**ksucker.
Riggan : I was f**king miserable.
Birdman : Yeah, but fake miserable. Hollywood miserable. What are you trying to prove? You are an artist? You are not.
Riggan : F**k you!
Birdman : No, f**k you, you coward. We grossed billions! You are ashamed of that? Bilions!
Riggan : And billions of flies eat s**t every day! So what? Does that make it good? I don't know if you noticed, but that was 1992!
Birdman : You could jump right back into that suit, if you wanted to.
Riggan : Look at this, look at this. I look like turkey with leukemia! I am f**king disappearing. This is what is left!

-rehab (마약,알코올) 중독 치료 시설 -ego 자존심 -self-obsession 자기 집착 -drown 익사하다 -deserve ~를 누릴 자격이 있다 -lame 구차한, 궁색한 -pathetic 한심한 -mental formation 정신형성 -pretentious 가식적인 -leukemia 백혈병

Source: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Lee Jun-hyeong

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