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[133호] 승인 2015.05.01  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

I am not sure if I understood Cover Story correctly. From what I understood, Cover Story was asserting that as university students, we need to give more meaning to democracy by attending the General Student Assemblies. If the article was written with simpler English with better outline, this problem would not have occurred.
I personally liked Society the most from the 132nd issue of The UOS Times. The topic itself was original. As someone who heard the term “snack culture” for the first time, it was fun to learn new information. It was a fun article overall, and the reporters thoughts were both clear and neat.
In general, I could feel that the 132nd issue has improved from its previous one. Many of the articles in this issue were written in ways that reporters wanted. For instance, Society had a topic of specialty, “snack culture,” and People engaged the readers in indirect experience. These points made me realize that The UOS Times has improved.

It was good that Cover Story wrote about inside stories of the Student Council which students usually do not know a lot about in an interesting way. Especially, the first part of the article where it dealt with conflicts within the Council attracted attention from freshmen as well as transfer students. However, the later part of the article which discussed low participation rate of students seemed biased because it blamed students mostly for their lack of interest.
Society was useful because it explained well about the term I did not know before. Overall, this issue lacked neutrality. I could find many partial points from Campus News and Cover Story, which are two sections where they have to be objective. However, in general, I would evaluate the articles positively in terms of their completion, for they dealt with topics in an interesting way.

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