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[134호] 승인 2015.06.15  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

When I first became the Editor-in-Chief a year ago, the first and foremost point that I stressed was to “speak up.” Throughout my year-and-a-half at university, I had realized many times that students are, literally and figuratively, scared to the bone to have a voice. The unseen threat from a society which demanded complete obedience in return for survival had silenced us. Some of us seemed to have forgotten how to speak, let alone question, being inaudible for too long.

In the generations of our parents and grandparents, what society feared the most was a university press representing the voice of the youth. The judgment and watchful eyes of the youth, the younger generations, kept authorities in check and led them to change for the better instead of staying in a comfort zone. Today, however, it is the other way around. University students fear that the judgment and censorship of the old days may return, and they try to adapt by being retrospective, living in the history of the older generations. The youth who should be trying to shape their own world are conforming to the demands of an older, more repressed society. Instead of arguing against the wrongdoings and injustice committed by those in power today, the youth are flattering and applauding them to secure their portion of a paycheck. What we need to realize is that by acting so, we are building a shrine for those soon-to-be-dead. By shutting mouths and turning heads away and not looking ahead and making our own way, we are allowing the older generations to distort our future which they mistake as their own. In the end, we will be reliving the past, running into the same dead end. Why should not we also enjoy our time in the sun instead of living in the shade of the past? The sun shines today, also.

As a reporter of the university press, I tried to beat on against the desire to seek comfort in conformity and awaken myself and The UOS Times to the current issues of society. I am editing my last issue of the magazine, but I feel that did not get very far against the current. However, I am confident that those who succeed me will carry out the role of the press to speak up and show that we, the youth, have a voice. The next generation of The UOS Times, without a doubt, will bask in a sun of their own.

In this issue of The UOS Times, we present an intriguing Cover Story: love life at UOS. In our Society, we warn you about the importance of language in both real and virtual worlds. Also in this issue: did you know that the ambassador of Bolivia, a country famous for the Salar de Uyuni, is a UOS graduate? Learn more about Bolivia; there is more than just beautiful scenery. Have you watched Avengers: Age of Ultron yet? In this issue, read about our favorite Hollywood movie. Who here is ready for summer? The UOS Times offers you some advice for summer travel. We present two options: a quick yet meaningful trip around Seoul on the “youth bus” or a leisurely and fun trip to places suggested by Youth Hostel. Paul McCartney’s happy, delightful songs will lift your hearts and lighten your feet during those trips.

Soo-yeon Kim

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