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S#: Have You Ever Been There?
By Moon-joo Lee  |
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[134호] 승인 2015.06.15  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

▲ The view of the souvenir shop
The souvenir shop, S#, operated by the University of Seoul Alumni Association, is now coming under question ? specifically, why does it exist? It used to be in the basement of Student Hall, next to the bookstore in a small space, but it is now on the ground floor, directly across from Student Hall Cafeteria. The souvenir shop provides delivery and customization services, handling a wide variety of products.
Ostensibly, the purpose of S# is to promote the UOS, not to make profit, but it is undeniable that there needs to be a certain level of income to maintain the shop.

However, since there are no regular customers, the shop barely earns income. Many foreign students, graduates, and visitors go to the shop for souvenirs, while only a few university students purchase items from it. There is a bookstore downstairs that sells cheaper, more practical, efficient goods, so students do not use S#.

One university student, Geon-ho Kim (School. of Computer Science, ’15) agreed that the souvenir shop seemed to sell extravagant, fancy, and expensive items, and that it was therefore not a likely choice for him. One school organization, Irumi, noted that its members are also not using S#. Hye-shin Yoon (Dept. of Social Welfare, ’13), a former member of Irumi, said that the club did not use the souvenir shop to promote the university because there is no support or discount available at the shop. While the shop may serve as a means of promotion and symbolism, many people on campus say that it needs reform if it is to continue.

By Moon-joo Lee

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