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Main Library Purchases Original Language Textbooks
By In-young Joung  |
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[135호] 승인 2015.09.03  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

▲ Purchased textbooks
he Main Library of the UOS has made a large purchase of textbooks in their original languages, an effort to encourage the learning and research of students and professors. The acquisition took several weeks, with the most recent installment including 148 textbooks ordered through Kyobo Book Center at a discount of 27.62 percent. Hye-young Yang, an official from the Bibliographic Data Department, explained that the books were selected through Kyobo’s Request Purchase of Books (the RPB) service.

According to Yang, there are three ways to request books in an original language. One is the RPB service, which operates continuously. Once a week, the Bbliographic Data Department examines the list of available titles on the RPB, filters out overlaps, and places an order. Another way to determine which textbooks to acquire is through a demand survey conducted before each semester. The last way is to apply directly during the Foreign Language Book Fair, which is held once a year.

“These methods, especially the RPB service are very convenient ways for the library to acquire expensive original-language textbooks,” Yang added. “Nonetheless, not many undergraduate students are using the service. On average, 30 books are requested at a time, but most of requisitions are from graduates and professors. I hope more undergraduates will make good use of this system.”

By In-young Joung

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