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[136호] 승인 2015.11.19  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

As many of you already know, the University of Seoul (UOS) got score “B” from the evaluation carried out by Korean Ministry of Education (MOE). The MOE did not provide a precise explanation of “B,” but according to the UOS’ own analysis, the main reason attributed to the score was the Grade Retake Policy (GRP). Although there were big controversies around the reforming the policy, the UOS retained to make a change on the GRP since the most of UOS students want the present policy. Individually, I think that this decision of UOS was democratically right, for they did not give up the communication with students. In our society, the right process often does not guarantee the better result.

What I really worrying about here is that people seem to forget how to express their opinion. Not only the matter mentioned above, there are tons of problems right here, among us, in Korean society. When there are unreasonable and improper results, we just shake our heads, clicking our tongues, and do nothing. The anger we felt from the injustice is merely instant. It is may be us who made our society this worse.

Now, it is time for us to make a step. Let us not blame others for things going wrong. All we need is a step for the better world, better society, and better me.

In this 136th issue, The UOS Times follow up the “B” result that UOS got recently from the MOE evaluation in Cover Story. I hope this could be the opportunity for everyone to think about for future of our own university. In Society, we analyze the reality related to reunification of Korean Peninsula, as one and only separated nation left in the world. To help you with think about the identity of Korea, we also introduce the Korea National History Museum in The Place. There are also interview with the successful CEO who is the UOS graduate, and introduction for a Rock Festival. Lastly, we hope you take a sip of relax with a scent of tea!

Han-sol Moon Editor-in-Chief

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