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[136호] 승인 2015.11.19  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Campus News

The topics such as campus litter problem, APCSEET, and counseling center was good, alarming and noticing the students to issues of our own school. I think the news about Urban Film Festival would also be a good content for Review article.

Focus on UOS
At first, I felt some inconvenience to the lead. It was little weird to say “30 hours of (burdened and mandatory) volunteer work would be solve with Grindume.” However, the introduction to the club itself was decent. Especially, the meaning of the club’s name was interesting - I always wanted to know what Grindume means.

Cover Story
There was too much information. It would be more readable if it arranged as chart. Also, the discussion session was too long to get the point of the article.

The Place
I never heard about the park introduced in the article, even though I am the citizen of Seoul. The way that article illustrated the park was good.

In the survey, the respondents who answered that they are interested in politics were obviously more than those who are not. But the article only focuses on why the students are indifferent to the politics. If it also dealt with the reason why the actual participant rate is so low while the interest to the politics is high, the intention of the article would be emphasized well.

Min-gyu Choi
Dept. of Transportation Engineering, '14

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