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[136호] 승인 2015.11.19  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Ji-hye Park / Review

While joining tea ceremony and tea class, what I loved the most was the scent and warmth. Whenever I took a sip of tea, it made me relaxed and felt the peaceful atmosphere surrounding me. I especially recommend these feelings to people who now are very anxious or who truly need comfort. Give a short break to yourself with tea!

Sang-yeop Lee / Focus on UOS & Fun N Study
In fact, I am the leader and vocal of JaParty. I started Focus on UOS with “selfish” motive, but still it was hard to write cleverly. However, I believe you guys will understand this wonderful hot fever of fundraising performance, and come to enjoy the rock!

Hye-joon Suh / People

I came to write “People” section for the first time in The UOS Times. It was the most spectacular interview experience, I think. Waiting for interviewee’s answers, reading his authentic stories and his endeavor to tell truthful advices to UOS students… all these contents seemed to make “People” article fruitful, and also The UOS Times meaningful. Hope you enjoy it and the other sections too, with a pleasant mind after exams!

Moon-joo Lee / The place
True, it has been a tough time to write this issue, since I have to get used to the new semester. But it is undeniable it was such a fun time to visit some special places and experience lots of things.
By working in The UOS Times, I could see more things in various angles. Thank you!

In-young Joung / Cover Story

Research was difficult. Thinking was more difficult. Writing was the most difficult.

Shin-ho Ahn / Society
The picture of an old man in page 23 really broke my heart.

Young-eun Choi / Cover Story

This was my first time to write the Cover Story. Frankly speaking, I was confident before I started the interview and survey. Even though the editor and vice editor worried and feel sorry for me about writing the biggest kicker in The UOS Times, I was trying to volunteer the Cover Story. Now, after I finished the Cover Story, I recognized that I was reckless… researching about the Restructuring Plan for Universities (RPU) was really hard since I could not get information from school. Also, this Cover Story is about the Education policy which is not really interested me. And the worst one is that I noticed how bad I am in English. Therefore, this was my first time to regret about being a journalist in The UOS Times.
However, even though all of these terrible that happened to me, this challenge left many things to me. For instance, now I am a semi-expert about the RPU and UOS’ stance. And since I have to write the journal in a neutral stance, I could widen my sight to see things in every aspects which help me to think more deeply about everything than before. If someone ask me about this Cover Story, “Was it worth it to spend and invest your time?”, my answer is absolutely YES.
Nevertheless, this was a time to find my deficiency in every aspect, I got a chance to fix my deficiency and develop myself. And also my name will be on the Cover Story, even I did a little part of it. Now I cannot wait to see “my ,” which is embarrassed to say it, journal and hope that every student who reads this magazine got information as much as they want.

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