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All that Blossom does not Bloom Alone
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[138호] 승인 2016.04.14  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

It has been two years since I have been a journalist of The UOS Times, but every time when I work on the magazine, I realize how shabby I am. The lessons that I got from making the magazine improved me, but still, there is an overwhelmingly long way left ahead. So often, I feel small and do not even want to step out. However, there are colleagues who support me by walking the same way with me. Struggling together, I feel so lucky that I do not need to solve problems all alone.

Spring already arrived in the campus. Winter was long, but the flowers will definitely bloom soon. And when those blossoms shine the world, I will remember the beautiful helpers.

From this time, The UOS Times will publish the magazine four issues year with increased pages. Some kickers are newly involved, and the original ones are also improved with longer and deeper articles. We also decided to take opinion articles from the readers on various topics to make our magazine more open.
While preparing this 138th issue, we wanted to announce two serious problems that university students should keep in mind.

One is a housing problem that college students are confronting, and this is dealt with in the Cover Story article. The other is the recent comfort women agreement between Korea and Japan, and it is in the Society article. You can also meet the story of bell-ringer in People, and Funs will show you how to keep your winter knit clean without the fuzz-balls before you let them rest in the wardrobe. Focus on UOS this time contains two articles; one is about sharing center of UOS, and the other is introducing the University of Cologne for those who want to know about our exchange universities. Lastly, Review will recommend you some movies and songs about “start” to celebrate our spring and The UOS Times’ new start.

Han-sol Moon Editor-in-Chief

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