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[139호] 승인 2016.06.16  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Too often, we can hear people say, “women are noisy and weak,” or “men are insensitive and violent.” In other cases, we frequently hear thoughts like “black people are dangerous” or “white people are racists.” But, are these true? Are all women dependent? Are all men oppressive? Should every black person be shunned and does every white person feel superior?

When we group the people in the world, we tend to generalize groups and delete individuality. This generalization can easily lead to hatred and discrimination. No two people in the world are the same. Some people can share similar features, but that does not mean they think and act the same. Some women like talking, while other women like being quiet. Some men tend to be dull, while other men do not. Most black people are not dangerous, and most white people are anti-racism. Individuals and their actions are important, not what group these people belong to. No one deserves unreasonable hatred because we are all precious human beings. This is the most important lesson that I have learned while working on The UOS Times.

This 139th issue is the last for me as Editor-in-Chief. I deeply appreciate all our readers. I can promise that The UOS Times will keep improving because our beloved reporters will always do their best for you.

In this 139th issue of The UOS Times, the Cover Story follows the health conditions of UOS students. Our Society article deals with generational conflicts in Korean society. For our Focus on UOS, we introduce Thammasat University in Thailand and also interview one of an alumni of UOS who recently launched a study cafe. We also interview another UOS student who now works as a professional music producer for the People article. In addition, we review Zootopia, the Disney movie, to reflect on how discrimination happens in society. Finally, our last story describes a trip to the United Kingdom, so do not miss it!

Han-sol Moon

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