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Are You Okay with Your Workout?
Hye-joon Suh  |
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[139호] 승인 2016.06.16  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Summer is coming. This season, many people are trying to lose weight to wear light summer clothes and look slender. However, are we really losing weight in a healthy way? Lots of students try to lose weight with their own methods, but actually they may have missed some points. This article presents two main points that you can refer to for successful exercise methods. In addition, Ji-hye Yoon (Dept. of Urban Administration, ’14) shares her successful secrets to working out, and The UOS Times recommends some selected videos that are helpful for efficient workouts.

How is Your Workout Going?

Although there is already a lot of advice on how to exercise properly, it is not easy to practice. Seung-min Han, a representative from The GYM99, a fitness center, suggested the two main causes of failure for most people: “excessively reducing carbohydrates” and “avoiding weight training.” Han said, “Severely restricting carbohydrates decreases your basal metabolic rate (BMR), making you gain weight even though you eat less than before.” He added, “Weight training keeps your body fit and strengthens your immune system because of the increased muscle mass.”

What is So Special about Her Workout?

Upon closer examination of Yoon’s successful workouts, The UOS Times found that Yoon directly applied Han’s advice. She did not extremely reduce her carbohydrates and was dedicated in her weight-training like Han suggested.

“I invested plenty of time on exercise. I did not severely restrict my meals, except for junk-food and late-night snacks. I always ate at least three meals a day, in order not to be worn out on the way to my goal. At first, without much information on how to work out properly, I just did cardio. However, this did not improve my fitness. So I started weight training and yoga. I mainly ran marathons and did Tae-bo, a total-body fitness system that combines Taekwondo and boxing. I also did squats and lunges. This weight training improved my body, as did lots of stretching. I made use of videos such as ‘Lee So-ra’s Super Diet Aerobic Dance Fitness’ and ‘Ock Joo-hyun’s Yoga Video’.”

Advice from Yoon

“I strongly recommend you choose a cardio workout that suits you well, and this means you should choose one you can consistently enjoy during long-term exercise. I also recommend weight training to prevent your skin from loosening as a result of weight loss. These activities also prevent illnesses.”
She added that she gained better health after exercising, in addition to the lost weight. “Before I started exercising, I used to get sick frequently, but the number of minor illness I get has decreased. I also feel refreshed often after sleeping. At first, the purpose of the exercise was to lose weight, but it wound up improving my overall health as well.”

Hot Videos in Korea!

Rebecca Louise, a world famous trainer, made a fifteen-minute video to promote healthier and slimmer lower body parts: specifically, the inner and outer thighs, calves, and hips. This video includes a high-intensity workout and is strongly recommended to people who cannot invest much time exercising. In the video Louise says that if you feel like your legs are burning, you are doing great.

Stretching is a very important step before completing any workout. When you finish weight training, such as The Miley Cyrus Workout for Sexy Legs, you should relax your tense muscles and swollen legs. Also, the lower half of your body can easily gain fat because of a twisted pelvis. However, following the instructions in this video can correct your posture.

This classic video is called the “steady seller,” and it is beloved by many exercisers to this day. So-ra Lee, who was selected the top super model in South Korea in 1992, made this video to share her workout methods. The movements in the video seem easy to follow, but doing them in the correct posture is not simple. Yoon recommends this video. While giving lots of weight-loss tips, it also includes movements that have made Lee’s pants loosen after about a month.

Hye-joon Suh

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