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Please Let the Young Stand Alone
Gwan-yeol Yoon  |
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[139호] 승인 2016.06.16  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

I heard a saying from some of my professors. “I think the rising generation is too pathetic. Although the younger generations have had a lot of experiences and have abilities in various categories, these people have a difficult time getting a job.” This is accurate. There are many people around me seeking part-time jobs, and the reality that I heard from them was worse than I thought.

But I also heard something different from a manager in restaurant where I have worked for more than one year. “The rising generation complains too much about jobs. But think about it. No matter how hard an exam is, someone scores high, and no matter how bad the economy is, someone earns much money. Therefore, several situations come from a person’s ability, not from other things. So the younger generations should not make excuses for their situations, but they should think about their capacities first, before complaining about their situations.” I thought that successful people are different from others as soon as I heard this from my boss.

So I started focused on introspection and decided to live like my boss said. I thought that my boss’s advice was realistic and important for those who worry about their own lives, which includes me. But soon I zoned out for a moment. How are the lives of the younger generations today? Even though they put their endeavor, but there is no gain. Do they should not complain even in situation like this? Do they have nothing to do, but only bear this situation? Actually, are their complaints only excuses? What are the rising generation’s rights? I think that without their voice, there will be no development in our society.

I agree that young people should not deny the competitive reality of today and justify their unsatisfied situation. They should do everything with hard effort even though the reality became fierce and got worse than before. And because people today are trying to do everything very earnestly, the situation is not different than before. But I think that only the younger generations know the effort and pain they have had. In other words, only those who have lived in a competitive society can know the pleasure of achievement or the pain of failure.

Therefore, any estimation of by a generation about another generation is usually inaccurate. Even if young people suffer from seeking a job, or complain too much, they do not give up! Young people today always try to find a way that can make their life better than before, even when they are tired of too much hardship. Under the present situation they have no choice but to do so, or they will not survive in the competitive market. I am not saying that everything is worse than before. However, there are a lot of circumstances that make it difficult for younger generations, such as the economic crisis (IMF), the sub-prime mortgage crisis, and the oil crisis.

The degree of the pain that younger generations are suffering from cannot be assessed by or compared to others who have no experience in this same situation. They can do everything well by themselves. They are always preparing for their future. So, trust the young generation and leave them alone. Please do not evaluate them.

Gwan-yeol Yoon
Dept. of Philosophy, ’12

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