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[140호] 승인 2016.10.17  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

As a lot of people say in their inaugural speeches, it is such an honor to become the Editor-in-Chief of The UOS Times. My heart is filled with pride, but I am really scared and it is shocking that there are so many more things to be done than expected.

However, I do not think every person is always prepared to jump into something new, such as being a parent, CEO, or Editor-in-Chief. Even though all of the former Editor-in-Chiefs said they were not ‘editor-material’ or ‘chief-material’ at first, they all did great in the end. They all tried to learn from and work with others to make up for any skills or abilities they lacked. Therefore, I think that from the time someone obtains some new position, a learning curve to become better begins to develop.

I cannot say that I have the same confidence to lead The UOS Times as the former Editor-in-Chief, Han-sol Moon, currently possesses. Nonetheless, I am ready to learn and make this magazine better with my people. I, and our entire press, have great writers including Moon-joo Lee, Shin-ho Ahn and five junior reporters by our side. Therefore, I will always keep an open mind by learning from and listening to our reporters and Senior-Editors in order to become a better Editor-in-Chief.

In this 140th issue, The UOS Times tackled Sexual Harassment at the University of Seoul (UOS) in our Cover Story. In our Society article, we examine the current crisis facing the Humanities department and spoke to UOS professors to gauge their opinions. In Focus on UOS, you can read about bodybuilder groups at UOS and Wayne State University. Also, in People, we interviewed an architectural and urban photographer. For those looking for something interesting to do in Seoul, we suggest the Seoul City Wall and Ttareungyi. Finally, as the weather changes, we prepared some foods which can keep you from catching a cold. Come and check out all the stuff we prepared for you!

Young-eun Choi Editor-in-Chief

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