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Urethane of the Basketball Court Removed
By Gi-sung Shin  |
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[141호] 승인 2016.12.15  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

The urethane paved on the basketball courts of UOS was removed in early October due to a high content of lead. On August 31, the University Gymnasium and Sports Complex reported that the established urethane pavement has too much lead in it. According to the report, the maximum allowed amount of lead is 90mg per kg of urethane; however the urethane of the basketball court of the Main Stadium had 1573mg per kg, which is more than 17 times the allowed maximum. Both of the basketball courts, one at the Main Stadium and the other near to the Student Hall, were prohibited from being used.

Since the removal of the urethane, using the basketball courts again has been allowed. The basketball courts have now become flat pieces of concrete with the court lines simply drawn on them. Jin Yoo, who is a staff member of the University Gymnasium and Sports Complex, said, “Recently urethane pavements, which are widely used in schools and offices, are becoming an issue since they include a lot of heavy metals that are harmful for your health. There were no standards or regulations when we first paved urethane.” According to Yoo, the government will announce the new standards by the end of the year. He added that there are plans next year to repave the basketball courts under the condition that the university assigns enough budgets.

“Right now, we have left the basketball courts with their basic concrete floor so that they could at least be used for basic activities. We are planning to pave the basketball courts with better material that meets the standards of the future announcement.” Yoo said.

By Gi-sung Shin

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