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Beloved, Unforgettable Fashion Items
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[412호] 승인 2017.03.23  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Do you follow fashion? When something fashionable becomes popular, do you buy it? Many people try to keep up with current fashion trends so they purchase the newest styles. Some styles by famous designers might be in vogue, but the latest fashion trends are made at large fashion shows for influential fashion designers. Other than fashion shows, singers or celebrities can also be leaders in fashion. Recently, the fashion choices celebrities have worn to airports have attracted a lot of attention. These fashion items are be influenced by designers or celebrities. Let’s look at some unforgettable fashion items.

Hyeon Bin’s jogging suit was a fad in 2010. The Koren soap opera Secret Garden was enormously popular at the time, and Hyeon Bin wore a glittering blue jogging suit on the show. Many comedians followed this trend on comedy shows, and there was even a kid's version of the jogging suit. However, another reason the jogging suit became familiar with people was sports. The 2010 FIFA World Cup took place in South Africa in June and July. The 2010 Winter Olympics also took place in Vancouver. Therefore, people became comfortable wearing jogging suits as every day clothes.

Military Look
was popular from 2010 to 2014. The military look includes military style clothes and was inspired by the uniforms worn by the army. Windbreaker jackets, walkers, and trench coats are examples of the military look. The most important part of the military look is camouflage, which is a green and brown-spotted design. This military camouflage is applied to clothes, accessories. The original use of camouflage was to hide oneself from the enemy. But in fashion, camouflage is a kind of style.

Striped Look
is always a beloved style. Stripes can be used in skirts, T-shirts, pants, and accessories. Also, stripes are not limited by the season. People love to use them regardless of the time of year. For example, in 2011, the marine look from Japan was very popular. The basic component of the marine look is stripes. The marine look is related to the sailor uniform and it is associated with the beach.

Duffle Coat
are coats made from duffle, which is a woolen fabric. In Korea, people call duffle coats ‘Tteok-bokki coats’ because of their button shape. Duffle coats were especially popular in the 1990s. Students liked to wear them over their student uniforms and university students also wore them on campus. When the drama Respond 1997 came out, duffle coats reminded people of their memories, and they became vogue again in this decade.

Noh Hyeon-jin

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