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New Program at the Lifelong Learning Center Facing Opposition from Student Council
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[142호] 승인 2017.03.23  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Kim Jeong-hyun, acting president of UOS student council, raised an objection to the new program of UOS Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) that was designed to grant a bachelor’s degree in public administration (B.P.A.) to its graduates. Unlike other programs LLC provides, the new one is based on the Academic Credit Bank System (ACBS) and it is distinguished in the regard that it issues a full bachelor’s degree while other programs issue a certificate of completion.

Acting President Kim pointed that it can be reverse discrimination to grant B.P.A. through the new program, as it is harder for students at a regular college who have to go through a tougher curriculum. Seong Geun-je, Vice president of LLC, elucidated that the B.P.A. granted through the new program is essentially different from the one granted through a regular college curriculum, for the two have different legal bases and are distinct from each other in terms of their content.

Another point Kim made was that LLC had carried the project without having discussed it with UOS students. Vice President Seong admitted that they made the decision without enough care and made an apology for skipping proper procedures. Seong also promised that LLC would communicate with members of UOS before the final decision.

LLC, including its new program, are intended to provide higher education for those who did not have the opportunity in their early years. Other universities in South Korea are already running their own institutions for lifelong education, but whether it gives a full degree or a certificate varies by universities. Korea University grants a certificate of completion, while Yonsei University grants a bachelor’s degree in the name of the minister of education and Chung-Ang University grants a bachelor’s degree in the name of the university president.

By Ahn Shin-ho

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