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[142호] 승인 2017.03.23  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

WISE, the website of the University of Seoul(UOS) is scheduled to be updated in April. There will be two significant improvements after this update and it will reduce students’ inconvenience.

First, the user environment of WISE will be improved. There were a lot of complaints because of unorganized menus and sizes that did not fit in computer monitors properly. This will be improved according to the Student Council’s announcement that there will be a cleaning of disused menus and the size of the website will be easy to use.

Second, WISE will support multi-device and multi-browsers. That is, students will be able to use WISE on Chrome and other browsers. Also students will be able to access WISE on multiple devices. Previously, students and professors could use WISE only on Internet Explorer. People in UOS were annoyed about this, because there were many errors on Internet Explorer when students use it. Especially when students need to sign up for courses; these errors become bigger problems because it can affect a student’s whole semester. Also students who use Mac cannot use WISE as it is only supported by Windows. But after the update, they will also be able to access WISE without disturbance.

However, according to an anonymous student, although he welcomes the updating, this will not help to enroll in classes more easily because when students sign up for course, they need to act quickly. Therefore, students will not use other browsers, because Internet Explorer is much more familiar to them. He thinks UOS has to develop a better mobile version WISE. Other developments will also be carried out, such as tightening of security.

The website used by professors and faculties will be completed at the beginning of March. The website for students will be finished in April and opened for students. It is expected that this update will resolve students’ difficulties.

By Jung Jae-in

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