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[143호] 승인 2017.06.13  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Focus on UOS - How to be the Best Scientist

Many students are worried about what they will do when their undergraduate courses finish. And going to graduate school is what many students choose or think about choosing. This article acknowledges these worries and brings a successful scientist into the spotlight: Choi Jin-hee, a professor of Environmental Engineering. She talks about what she chose to research and about the future of environmental research. As an Environmental Horticulture student, reading this article was very interesting. Also, Choi’s advice in deciding your future helped me think more clearly.

Cover Story - Student Activism: The New Generation

The title of this article is interesting. Why this was chosen as the story’s title is clear as you read on. It thoroughly researches present student activism. It acknowledges that student activism is influenced not only by school but also by situations outside the school. Unlike most articles, this article contemplates the reasons why activism inside the school is subdued, and tries to figure out how student activism has transformed. Students and any other people reading this article will gain a deep understanding of how student activism works and think about how it should proceed.

Society - Money Running Trough Political Veins

Last year was an important year in Korea politics. Many political problems have been revealed and Koreans discovered people who controlled our country for their own good. This article organized the flow of these events clearly and correctly. I was bit confused about how the revelation went on, but after reading this, I came to understand what happened much more clearly.

Travel - An Invitation from Shangri-La, Cairns

Traveling abroad is something we all dream about. When we think about famous attractions, they are usually in America or Europe. But as a person who loves good weather and wide nature, I enjoyed reading about Shangri-La.

Do You Know? - Beloved, Unforgettable Fashion Items

There is a saying that “Fashion goes round and round.” I think this is quite true. When we look at the past fashion, we can find that it is similar to today’s fashion trends. While I read this article, I immensely enjoyed it since it was so fun to find similar characteristics with today’s clothes and to laugh at the ridiculous fashions.

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