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The Best Choice I Have Ever Made
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[143호] 승인 2017.06.13  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

From my first issue, I have quietly been questioning to myself whether I was doing my best as Editor-in-Chief of this magazine. I sometimes still regret not doing more or doing better. Still, no one can do something perfectly from the first time. We need time to grow, learn and undergo trial and error. Some people may still never adjust over time. This is not because you are not qualified or not good at what you do. Sometimes, it is just really hard to get good at something. It may seem like you are not improving even though you are doing your best. However, in retrospect, you notice that you have still improved a lot since you started. This is the biggest thing that I learned from my work. It is true that, while we are not good at everything, with effort we can get better at something. This is true even if our development goes unnoticed.

I was part of The UOS Times for every second of my life at University of Seoul (UOS), from 2015 to 2017. Being a part of this particular organization, instead of just being a student at the university, is the best choice I ever made. Of course, working as a journalist and Editor-in-Chief was not easy. I had to invest much more time and made lots of mistakes. However, I also learned many things, from how to write an article to the magazine publishing process. Not many people have been able to experience what I have for two years. Although I am not sure whether or not I was a good Editor-in-Chief, I am sure that all the great memories and experiences I gained were worth the hardships.

From June 2017, a student who was once clumsy at making an upcoming magazine schedule finished her term safely. Our readers and my beloved co-workers at The UOS Times have always stood by me. Even though my work as Editor-in-Chief is over, I will still do my best to continue to help our outstanding reporters publish interesting and accurate reporting. Thank you to the readership and to our reporters who have always supported me.

Choi Young-eun

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