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[144호] 승인 2017.09.19  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Focus on UOS: “Sodertorn University”
This article deals with Sodertorn University by comparing it to Korean universities. It talks about Swedish Exchange Students, their characteristics, and gives some tips for participating in a exchange university in Sweden. Therefore, it is useful for those of us who want to get an overview of Sweden. Also, there are some tips for taking part in an exchange student program based on an interview with a student, Joung. It would be really helpful to a reader who is planning to go abroad.

Cover Story: “Are There Too Many Men in the University of Seoul?”
This article analyzes the phenomenon of gender ratio at University of Seoul (UOS) in depth, based on statistics from the Office of Academic Affairs of UOS. Frankly speaking, it can be boring to read because of the large number of statistical comparisons made. This article also compares the gender ratio at UOS with other universities, making it easier to understand the situation at our university. Especially, through a survey conducted with 130 UOS students, the article did will pointing out an important problem ? a male-oriented culture. This was a meaningful report and sounded an alarm to remedy this trend.

Society: “In Memory of the Ancestor”
Nowadays, we tend to be ignorant of our history. This article reminds us of the importance of visiting the national cemetery to improve public awareness of Memorial Day. Recently, improved public access has made this a place where people can better cherish the memory of the deceased. This article shares ideas on how to solve this problem, taking two examples from the U.S. ? regulation and education. As this article mentioned, modern sensibilities have detracted from the traditions of the cemetery, and this is why we should read this article.

People: “Old Books Never Die, They Just Find New Owners”
Having passion can empower us. This article is about businesses that students do directly. They are really cool because they have a goal to develop used bookstores socially and economically throughout the entire city. Nowadays, people always use smartphones and rarely read books, and this organization is trying to increase people’s interest in reading books. Therefore, it benefits not only the students, but society itself. Also, we can get insight into how start-ups work and an entrepreneurial vision from this article.

Travel: “Satisfying Your Anticipation in Sydney”
Travel has become something on every university student’s to-do list, so an article about travel can be very useful to UOS students. The subject of this article is Sydney where the writer said that everyone can satisfy their expectations no matter who they are. This article explores transportation, art, food, and nature, in turn. It is really interesting to anyone and useful to somebody who wants to travel.

Park Mi-hee
Dept. of International Relations, '16

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