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Happy 100th Anniversary!
Shin Jeong-ho  |
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[146호] 승인 2018.03.27  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

This year of 2018 is an utmost historic year to the University of Seoul (UOS). One hundred years ago, in the year of 1918, UOS took its first step as a specialized institute for the field of agriculture. One hundred years later, it has grown up as a collegiate university to study various fields of academia through eight colleges. During those 100 years, UOS devoted itself to serve society and people.

I dare say that the 100th anniversary of UOS is the biggest news through this magazine’s history, too. Since 1984, The UOS Times has tried to record the news both in and out of campus and deliver items that the readers should know or be aware of. So, to deliver this great news to our readers is a great honor and a suitable job of this magazine.

For celebrating a centennial anniversary of UOS, we dedicate this issue to this historical year. We looked back at the past of UOS to record its history and serve our purpose to deliver it to the readers. We started this edition with “Do You Know” kicker by summarizing the 100-year history of UOS. Then, through “Campus News”, we show you the various events that the officials, the departments, and students are preparing for this year. For the next part, “Focus on UOS”, some reporters made heavy efforts to learn about the administrations of UOS and you can find such efforts in our articles. Meanwhile, other reporters visited our global friends in Germany to learn through the footsteps of another older university’s current status. Inside the “Cover Story”, the readers can find the secret inside of the name changing of UOS and 30 years of the university’s changes through two interviewees’ eyes. In the “Society” kicker, we try to deliver and sort out UOS’s activities on social contribution. In the “People” kicker, the reporters met the UOS’s alumni in a variety of fields in society and heard their congratulations and opinions on the 100-year history.

Readers can learn about interesting stories about some buildings on the campus in the “The Place”. We made this issue with much endeavor and hard work, so hope this one can be a small birthday present for UOS’s 100th anniversary!

Shin Jeong-ho

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