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Do You Know the Chronology of the University of Seoul?
Hong Sol-eui  |
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[146호] 승인 2018.03.27  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

1918. 05. 01
Founded as Kyung Sung Public Agricultural College

1956. 03. 01
Promoted to a four-year college and renamed as Seoul Agricultural College

The University of Seoul (then Kyung Sung Public Agricultural College) was approved as a four-year college and renamed as Seoul Agricultural College. Seoul Agricultural College had become a public university where the mayor of Seoul was the founder and the superintendent of education was the supervisor. Seoul Agricultural College organized its system and became the best place for agricultural studies.

1974. 03. 01
Reorganized as Seoul Industrial University

UOS (then Seoul Agricultural College) realized that the university’s education should fit with local features and social changes. Therefore, it reformed the agricultural departments into departments related with urban studies. Also, the name of the university was changed to Seoul Industrial University.

1975. 01. 01
Oversight committee transferred from the Seoul Board of Education to the Seoul Metropolitan Government

1981.10. 20
Renamed as Seoul City University

1981.11. 25
Established Graduate School of Urban Administration

UOS (then Seoul City University) founded a graduate school of urban administration to study serious urban problems in depth and cultivate experts in urbanology.

1987. 03. 01
Promoted to a comprehensive university with four colleges and 22 departments

1996. 10. 24
Established College of Urban Science

UOS (then Seoul City University) founded a college of urban science in order to become a central university of urban study. It educated and researched not only theory of urban problems but also practical approaches to those problems. Therefore, Seoul City University was aimed at providing comprehensive solutions of urban affairs.

1997. 07. 01
Changed English name to the University of Seoul

▲ The Landscape of the University of Seoul in 1980s

1999. 04. 23
Established the College of Arts and Physical Education and the Department of
Life Physical Educational Information

2004. 04. 19
Established College of Humanities and Natural Science

2005. 03. 01
Opened On-campus Dormitory

UOS opened a dormitory of 309 rooms on the campus, and this dormitory gained the best grade in the “International Architecture Education Certification” field among the dormitories of Korean universities.

2008. 05. 01
The 90th Anniversary

UOS held various events celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2008. Also, UOS announced its will to leap to a distinguished university in Korea by 2018.

2010. 06. 08
Granted 10 million USD fund for four years by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as the “Leading University in Advancement of College Education (ACE)”

2013. 06. 12
Selected to the Admission Officer System Support Project (Continued for 7 years, 2008~2014)

2013. 12. 27
Acquired University Accreditation from Korean University Accreditation Institute

University Accreditation is a system that judges whether a university is meeting the basic requirements as an educational institute. If the university gets University Accreditation, it is given a social status as the educational institute that guarantees minimum requirements of higher education and is making efforts to improve the quality of the education.

2016. 03. 01
Reorganization in UOS

- Established the College of Liberal Arts and Cross-Disciplinary Studies
- Established the Lifelong Education Center

▲ The Front Door established in 2010

The 100th Anniversary

UOS has cultivated experts whom a nation and society have wanted for almost 100 years. As Seoul city and UOS together have made efforts to develop UOS, it has become one of the most distinguished universities in Korea, with an entrance quota of 1,711 students to eight colleges and 37 departments. Now about 50 thousand graduated students are playing their pivotal roles in various fields of society, and about 10 thousand enrolled students are studying and striving to prepare themselves to make a positive impact in society.

Hong Sol-eui

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