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100th Anniversary events in UOS ANNIVERSARY 1918-2018
Kim Jung-gon  |
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[146호] 승인 2018.03.27  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

In 2018, the University of Seoul (UOS) turns 100 years old, and UOS has planned a range of events to commemorate this centennial, with the official day falling on May 1. Here, The UOS Times presents a guide to these events, including ones held by the colleges, academic departments, and even exchange universities overseas. Through these activities, UOS places an emphasis on its relationship with the urban communities surrounding the campus, as we shall see.

1. To celebrate the UOS centennial

Events on campus : UOS will hold an anniversary ceremony on May 2, during which it will declare a blueprint, or a renewed vision, for the next 100 years. At the same time, the university will also present a historical overview of the last 100 years. In addition, UOS will issue commemorative postage stamps to leave traces of this year’s celebration. The university will hold concerts and exhibitions for its 100th anniversary. An architecture exhibition will feature works by both alumni and current students. The 100th Anniversary Concert will invite alumni and Seoul citizens who want to celebrate the anniversary. Participants will perform orchestral, vocal, and choral music.

Sports festivals : Students with athletic talent or passion will be invited to make a special contribution to the UOS centennial. UOS will host the first Domestic University Basketball and Soccer Championship, with basketball teams from universities around the country for competing. Apart from the competition, this championship will give students the opportunity to unite and cheer each team toward one goal?winning.
UOS will also hold a half-campus marathon hosted by the university’s President. Participants will run five kilometers to celebrate the 100th anniversary. Not only will they compete to finish the course, but they will enjoy a celebratory atmosphere and develop friendship between students and alumni who are attending the event.

Citizens Culture Education Center : UOS will complete construction of the new Citizens Culture Education Center just in time for the 100th anniversary day. This building will be the largest on the UOS campus, and it includes a library, sports and culture facilities, and lecture rooms, all open to Seoul citizens. By sharing this hall with citizens, UOS hopes to contribute to the quality of life for local residents and improve communication with local organizations. Also, the university will open a historic exhibition room?the name has not yet been decided?in the Citizens Culture Education Center to present the first 100 years of UOS to the public.

2. UOS 100th anniversary with local citizens

Cultural Festival and Volunteer Expo : UOS will host an exposition for volunteer activities and university club performances at the Seoul City Hall Plaza and Cheongnyangni Station Plaza, respectively. In these events, the members of volunteer clubs will introduce their activities, exhibit photographs and goods that they have made, and perform in celebration for the public.

Library Book Festival : The UOS Library will host a book festival weekend at the Citizens Culture Education Center during the opening of the center, thus keeping with the goal of the center to be open to citizens and local communities. In this festival, participants will have a great opportunity to experience the joy of reading books, while the library uses books to bring the local and university communities together.

3. Celebrating “Global Seoul, Global UOS”

International Urban Film Festival Invites Seoul’s Friendship Cities : UOS will once again host the annual International Urban Film Festival this year, continuing its exploration of urban issues and realities. The purpose of this festival is to share ideas on the urban issues that many cities in the world experience. The festival also offers suggestions for the development of urban programs at UOS as a representative institution for urban studies.

Global Friends Night : UOS will invite the international alumni-those from other countries who have graduated or were exchange students-to celebrate this 100th anniversary. Currently, it interacts with 260 exchange universities in 47 countries to communicate across academic fields and promote globalization. At UOS, 400 exchange students study in each major, particularly the International School of Urban Science. To promote and celebrate the 100th anniversary overseas, UOS is going to invite ambassadors from many countries to report on the results and visions of UOS global programs and to provide global networking.

4. Brightening the 100th anniversary through academic exchange

UOS is hosting several activities in academic exchanges that it hopes will “brighten” the 100th anniversary. In domestic exchanges, UOS will host a forum to share the results of the ACE (Advancement of College Education) accreditation program it recently completed. It will also host the Hongneung Forum, where participants discuss the role and direction of the Hongneung Institution Complex, where innovations in R&D are implemented.
In addition, UOS will report the results of the X-TWICE program. The X-TWICE Institution aims for five values (technology, knowledge, innovation, challenge, and excellence) to nurture young talent. For these goals, students, professors, and corporations cooperate to implement projects in urban industry and Capstone Design, which is a practical training program for senior students majoring in engineering or social science. This conference will be a good opportunity for the university to show off its efforts in encouraging young pioneers in the urban industry and developing their talent and competence.

5. Being ample 100th anniversary due to department and club events

UOS departments and clubs will host the 100th anniversary, too. In Department of Environmental Sculpture, they will host on Exhibitions of Environmental Sculpture. In addition, in the School of Public Affairs and Economics, they will host the overseas volunteer, Conference in School of Public Affairs and Economics, and Discussion Battle. Furthermore, in School of Urban Science, a conference in School of Urban Science will be held. Lastly, in club, ZETIN, which is the official club in UOS for researching for robot, will host the robot competition for 100th anniversary.

Readers who are interested in 100th anniversary events can confirm detailed information for each event at the 100th anniversary website ( The UOS Times hopes that all readers will join these centennial events and celebrate this monumental anniversary.

Kim Jung-gon

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