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An Interview with the Acting President of the Student Council
Hong Sol-eui  |
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[146호] 승인 2018.03.27  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

In December 2017, the election of the Student Council was invalidated because the voting rate for the next Student Council was under the 40 percent minimum rate for validation. As a result, the acting President continued his temporary role as the President of the Student Council. The UOS Times interviewed Seok Myeong-hwan (School of Business Administration, ’16), the acting President of the Student Council, about the 100th anniversary celebrations and the future of the University of Seoul (UOS).

Q. Please tell us your feelings about the 100th anniversary of UOS.
I think I do not deserve to answer this question because I am not an official President of the Student Council. However, if I have to reveal my opinion as the present representative of the students, I think that the 100th anniversary does not have its own meaning just now, but it will have its actual meaning when it is finished, even if the number “100” has special meaning. It is better to seek the meaning of the 100th anniversary later this year, in that it is significant to contemplate the development of the school when all the 100th anniversary events are completed.

Q. What would be needed for the events celebrating the 100th anniversary to be successfully held?
The ability of the executive committee of the next Student Council is an essential factor, and I believe of course the members of the next Student Council will be capable to lead the students of UOS. More significantly, students’ spontaneous participation and empathy are necessary for the school events to be successfully held. Until now, all of the school events were held due to the Councils drives, not by the students’ desire or passion to participate in the school events. To save the meaning of such celebrations, the members of UOS should empathize with these events and heartfully enjoy them. I think students should participate actively in the school events. Also, I hope the students’ opinions to be reflected on progressing these events.

Q. Which direction should UOS proceed?
I think it is not a good idea to set up a certain destination for the advancement of the school. Instead, an educational institute can advance if it accepts the opinions of its members. The paradigm of the education and demands of the students change over time. I think it is necessary for UOS to have a system to accept students’ opinions and enhance the opportunity for the students to participate in the school events considering these changes in accordance with the time.

Q. How would the Student Council make an effort to development of UOS?
The Student Council should show that it is a representative of the students and is working for them. The Student Council has to communicate with the students through various ways. All the Student Councils have done their best, but a lot of the students do not know their achievements. I think it is very meaningless. The Student Council should derive empathy from the students through communication. It is the most important job for the Student Council to advance itself and develop UOS.

The UOS Times could feel his true heart to hope for the development of UOS from his determined attitude. The UOS Times hopes the acting Student Council, S-wing, to successfully hold the orientation for the freshmen in February. Also, we hope the next Student Council successfully leads the students this year, communicating with students so that it can derive the students’ empathy.

Hong Sol-eui

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