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[146호] 승인 2018.03.27  
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Focus on UOS: Non-smoking Program in UOS

The non-smoking program at the University of Seoul (UOS) is surely one of the most helpful among the many services on campus. Anyone who walks on campus will eventually encounter a non-smoking bus. Though I am not a smoker, I’ve always wondered what that bus is. This article solved my curiosity. The article explains the non-smoking bus in detail. It comes to UOS every third and fifth Monday of the month. You can test your nicotine dependency and check the carbon monoxide in your body and get counselling from professionals, all just on this bus. If you are a smoker and you want to quit, read this article and feel free to visit the non-smoking bus for help.

Cover Story: To Marry or Not To Marry

Love is a huge part of human life. You can find love in any culture through painting, music or movies. But how about marriage? These days, people value their personal lives more. As a consequence, the concept of marriage has changed. So, it is important to think about the modern concept of marriage. This article mainly shows what UOS students think about marriage. It was interesting to read the thoughts if other students who are in a similar position to me. The difference in attitudes toward marriage between male and female with specific statistical data also gave me a chance to think about marriage more deeply. If you want to gain profound insight into marriage in Korea, I recommend that you read this article.

Society: Who Is the Owner of Worker’s Emotions?

If you have ever worked in Korea, you will probably find great empathy for this article. It examines the causes of emotional pain at work and suggests some solutions for them. As I am studying social welfare, which also deals with the emotions of labor, I fully understand the emotions of workers. I agree that developing inner strength and changing our fundamental perceptions of society are both steps that are required to reduce the damage from emotional labor. I hope this article will help to workers at UOS or in Korea to deal with their emotions. If you are interested in Korea’s social problems, you should read this article.

The Place: Visit Royal Tombs, Enter the Stories of Ancestors

Korea is famous for its unique cultural heritage along with its modern cities. The royal tombs which this article introduces are one example. It is particularly interesting that all the royal tombs in this article are in Seoul. How about visiting there with friends, family, or dates? Relax and spare a moment for the ancestors of our country. Actually, I am a member of “Seoul Mate” this semester, so I have been thinking about where to visit with my buddies. By reading this article, I became fascinated with the royal tombs. I promise that I will visit them one day.

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