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[147호] 승인 2018.06.12  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Campus News: 100th Anniversary events in UOS
Welcome the 100th anniversary of the University of Seoul (UOS). As it is the university’s centennial, many events will be held this year to commemorate. This article introduces us to these events, and then reports some recent news about UOS. On the first page, we can read about the variety of upcoming centennial events, including those held along with local citizens, those held with the university’s global students, special academic exchanges and department and club events. On the second page, we can catch up on some of the current news at UOS. Anyone interested in the centennial should log in to centennial website ( for further information. We hope this year will be a happy centennial to all members of UOS.

Cover Story: Centennial Celebration
As it is the university’s 100th anniversary this year, the 146th English magazine was focused on UOS and its centennial. In the Cover Story, you can read about the history of UOS, and how it reached this centennial celebration. UOS has been through so many changes, expressed as never-ending change in the article. Also, pictures of UOS’s past in this article are very interesting. If you are interested in this information, you should read this article. After reading how UOS became the present university that I know, I felt proud to be a member of UOS and to be a living witness of UOS’s history. I hope you can feel the same by reading this article.

Society: UOS of the Citizens, by the Citizens, and for the Citizens
“Government of the people, by the people and for the people.” This is a famous phrase by Abraham Lincoln which emphasizes the importance of “people” in democracy. Just as “people” are one of the main values of democracy, citizens are one of the main values of UOS, as it is the only public university in Korea. But people often argue about how much UOS should contribute to local society. This article well explained UOS’s social contributions. To those who are interested in these kinds of issues, I think reading this article will help you to learn more specific information.

The place: The Stories of UOS Campus
I love taking walks across UOS because of its beautiful campus and buildings. The truth is I do not really know much about the campus and buildings. However, this article provides me with useful information about them. I was surprised to read that the Law School building was acknowledged as for one of the best examples of architecture in Seoul in 2009. There is a reason I love walking around UOS. For those who like walking through UOS like me, I recommend this article.

Review: UOS Cafes, “Spreading Sweetness into the Spring”
If you are a UOS student, I guarantee that you have probably used a UOS cafe at least once in your university life. As spring comes, this article reviewed UOS cafes and their new drinks: Tiramisu Latte and Sweet Potato Latte. In this article, reporter An and Shin did a great review of those two drinks. Even though I usually drink Americano at a cafe, I wanted to try the Sweet Potato Latte after reading this review. You should visit these three cafes, Jeonnong Cafe, Cafe Hyu, and Cafe Be, for relaxation during exams. Also, as the UOS Main Library has just renewed its 1st floor and has opened a new cafe, you should visit the library’s new cafe, too.

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