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Things to Celebrate the Centenary of UOS
By Kim Kyung-sun  |
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[147호] 승인 2018.06.12  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Commemorative Stamp
On April 2, Korea Post issued 672,000 commemorative stamps celebrating the 100th anniversary of UOS. The main picture on the stamp is the Kyung-nong Building, which was constructed in 1937. This building has also been selected as a site for the “Future Heritage of Seoul”, so it can now be considered a symbolic building to represent the university’s long history. This anniversary stamp is available to buy at the local post office, ePost (online Korean Post), and Korea Postage Stamp Museum. The Post Office stated that they “expect the century-old UOS to lead the city into the future with its upright attitude to educating and fostering innovative students.”

Emblem and Signature
The 100th anniversary emblem and signature were also created. The emblem is based on a previous one shaped like the letter S, the first letter of Seoul. This emblem conveys a harmony between tradition and future. There are many variations in color, shape, and language for the emblem. Anyone who wants to use these emblems and signatures can download them freely through the 100th anniversary website.

School Song
The school song of the University of Seoul has been rewritten for the centenary. Overall, the revised lyrics relate to tradition, service to people, hope, and creation. One remarkable line refers to “improving new scientific technologies,” reflecting contemporary educational concerns. The lyrics and the melody have been posted on the school website.

By Kim Kyung-sun

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