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Final Examination and Manners
Park Hyung-min  |
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[0호] 승인 2018.06.15  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
▲ A dirty sink of the library’s restroom
▲ Rubbish bins in the library

Recently, some impolite actions are often observed at the university libraries. The libraries are public places where many people use simultaneously. Since the final examination period is close, many students tend to use the library as a place to study and prepare for their exams. However, as the number of people using the library increased, many inappropriate actions that cause inconveniences for others can be more often found.

For instance, some people dispose their leftover drink into the sink of the restroom. Due to this, the sink is often infested with the stench of the drinks that make others feel bad. Another example is not sorting waste properly. The rubbish bin of the library is composed of three parts to separate kinds of waste: the recyclable paper, the recyclable can, and bottle, and the unrecyclable waste. However, some people do not follow the classification, making it meaningless. This not only ruins the fine view of the library but also gives the cleaner a hard time to tidy up the mess. The libraries are a place we all use together. Even though the examination makes us weary, but we should be considerate of others and not damage the public facilities.

Reported by Park Hyung-min
Photo by Park Hyung-min

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