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The Duplicity of People: Not Easy to Solve, But Have to Solve
Yang Cho-myeong  |
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[148호] 승인 2018.09.27  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

As time goes on and social media improves, lots of social problems around the world recently have been revealed themselves. Most governments are trying hard to deal with social problems, but usually the results are not positive and the issues still remain. Thus, I want to suggest one of the main factors that social issues have not been settled. This is the duplicity of people, and we need to recognize this problem and reflect about it.

In encyclopedia, Duplicity means “someone is deceitful.” Specifically, what someone say and do is different from their belief. Think about yourself. Are you fully sure you have been innocent in every event of your life? Definitely not. No one can be always sincere. This duplicity influences social problems more than is usually imagined and I will introduce some cases related to how this works.

For example, I want to talk about the issue of marriage. At a wedding ceremony, what do couples swear to their spouse? Is it not, "I will love you forever?” This is a promise for their spouse to try their best to maintain this relationship, forever. However, I wonder why there are so many adulteries despites of in marriage. Is the marriage just a hollow contract that someone can easily break? Maybe we need to be more honest and say, "I will love you unless I lose interest or cheat on you." Although, their legal relations are in marriage, but their sincere trust between wife and husband already broke up.

Also, feminism is one of biggest issues in Korean society in these days. Men and Women fiercely argue about it. Gender equality is essential for the sound society thus selfishness and reverse discrimination have to be prevented. However, t is true that there was a lot of discrimination towards females in the past. Even in now, this happens around the world. Nevertheless, our world has tried to change along with improving feminine rights. The government provides some benefits for females to achieve gender equality; such as mandatory menstrual leave, female-only parking lots, and so on.

Let us have an example about menstrual leave. Menstrual leave is a monthly day off work for female workers who are in their menstrual period. I think this is a good consideration but some women misuse it and take a Monday or Friday off in order to have a three-day weekend, even though they are not actually having their period. From a critical point of view, it seems selfish that they do not care about the other. For these reasons, some males criticize menstrual leave as reverse discrimination. Although this policy has good intentions, it cannot be perfect: suffering from their menstrual cycles are also under criticism. As a result, they feel hesitant to use their menstrual leave. Therefore, even though we make a good policy has a beneficial purpose, it is meaningless unless people observe this.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect way to minimize duplicity. It is up to each of them. This means that you can actually be bad and feel shame. Maybe if there is a God like some people claim, their belief can motivate these people to minimize it because they believe someone is always watching over them. On the other hand, for non-religious people, they need to use your conscience, justice and morality.

In conclusion, duplicity is one of the main factors that society cannot easily solve. Individually, problems derived from this phenomenon would not be easy to be solved because something are tempting so that people can satisfy their own greed. It seems to be natural phenomenon for people but pursuing only for their satisfaction inhibits them from pursing other happiness. As a result, this society must have occurred more conflicts; such as war, crime, divorce, and so on. Therefore, regular self-reflection is the most important aspect to maintain in order to keep your values. Although, it may be heard too ideal. However, some entrepreneur said, “Hey, did you do it?” Why do not you start to hear your own voices?

Yang Cho-myeong
Dept. of Public Administration, ’14

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