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Paul Debora  |
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[148호] 승인 2018.09.27  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

My one-year study abroad at the University of Seoul (UOS) was a very great experience. I was not only able to study new subjects (especially Capstone Seminar for International Cooperation by Professor Kim Seok-woo, and Sustainable Cities by Professor Lee Tae-hwa) but I was able to think more about life.

First, I learned that people make decision and behave depending on the interests of each country and person. Two opposing parties cooperate with consensus of some parts but when these consensuses break up, their conflicts grow. Eventually, they may fight each other. In reality, some issues are global; such as fine dust, extreme seasonal temperatures, and diplomatic conflicts throughout the East Asia. Depending on the level of cooperation with two or more groups, we can either live in a better world or in a more problematic world. I know that the words “living in a better world” may sound cheesy. Every person reacts in a different way for living in a better world. Some people do things to help to make a such a wonderful world. On the other hand, some are indifferent, and some give up for making that world even before trying because they think it is not worth it. Sometimes, we tend to look at what other people are doing before acting. So, someone think, “If no one tries to make a better world, why should I be the only one living in a better world?” I guess it is a very tempting thinking because we tend to follow the majority. However, the majority is not always right. Instead of following trends, we should ask the right questions to ourselves and try to make a difference to bring benefits to the world. Our efforts are never in vain, even though they seem like it.

Secondly, during this year, I could meet various people. I think that most of the people I met were very nice. On the other hand, I usually met people whose interests and hobbies were totally different. I and these people just could not find any subject to talk about. Needless to say, we did not hang out anymore. I thought we simply did not have any interest in keeping in touch any longer. As strange as it may sound, this confused me. These experiences would not be value me if this person kept speaking with me. Usually, I used to think about those situations. “Does this mean that I am not good person?” From then on, I began to see the world pessimistically. I believed that people got close to other people only when they have similar interests or those situations are beneficial to them. However, as I deliberated myself for this situation more and more, I found that I really like to help or to give those people even if I have not been asked. Can people be nice to each other for no reason? Can people be interested in each other even though they have nothing in common? After months of struggling with these thoughts, I finally realized how pessimistic I had become. Even if we are naturally very egotistical, there are fortunately a lot of exceptions to this nature. In the world, many people love or sacrifice without thinking about themselves.

Even though it is hard to do good and love without conditions, I think it is harder not to expect people to do the same for us. Nevertheless, I believe that we make the world a better place by being ready to share with love. Even though this behavior seems small and insignificant, it is worthy for making a better and wonderful world. Eventually I believed that our reward will come not about men but from God.

Are you also ready to make someone smile - even if you do not have any interest in them, and even if none around you do it?

Paul Debora
Exchange Student

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