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Our Future Will Be Very Prosperous
Kim Jung-gon  |
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[148호] 승인 2018.09.27  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

On June 22, my honorable journey as an Editor-in-Chief started. As an editor and leader of The UOS Times, I pledged to do my best in this position before being appointed. When I became Editor-in-Chief, I first wondered whether I could do better than previous Editor-in-Chiefs. Well… I cannot confidently answer this question. I eventually concluded that this question is not valid. That is because many former Editor-in-Chiefs gave me lots of know-how for how to make a magazine, The UOS Times. I have to learn from the previous editors’ wisdom and merits. Thus, I would like to thank all of the previous Editor-in-Chiefs at The UOS Times, especially the former Editor-in-Chief, Shin Jeong-ho, for encouraging and advising me.

As one of journalists at The UOS Times and especially since I became Editor-in-Chief, I have thought deeply about what journalism should be. I believe journalism is like charcoal, which helps to roast meat. When it is too strong, the meat is burned so people who are eager to eat cannot have the meat. On the other hand, if the fire is too weak, it takes too long to cook and then eat the meat. Journalists, and especially an Editor-in-Chief, must have a sense of reporting. The reporters must be passionate to hear voices of the students and reveal these problems. Also, if students or citizens have stereotypes in certain issues that will cause a lot of conflicts, journalists have the responsibility to report only actual facts and repair biased directions in a neutralized way. If reporters cannot write with balanced features, journalism must have been mal-functioned. Unfortunately, many Korean journalists have been confidently gone through wrong ways. Although in Korea, there are many reporters who try to report for making a better world, some journalists have ignored the real issues and groups of people that are needed to be dealt with in the news. Gradually, our journalism has become polluted because of capitalism and populism in the world.

As I started to write this editorial feature, I deeply reflected on my life. Am I free from these hurdles? Have I always focused on and tried to help people who suffer from misinformation? Actually, I said “nope.” I have strongly pursued comforts and my happiness, not those for needy people. For example, I took a delayed subway and watched a news that someone was dead because of a subway accident. On that time, I just complained about these uncomfortable circumstances, thinking, “I might be late for my 9 a.m. class.” At least in my former life, I could not confidently criticize journalists in Korea. However, while I wrote, I realized that I have a chance to change my life. Becoming as Editor-in-Chief is a good chance to become as an upright journalist. My goal is to lead to write with features the University of Seoul (UOS) students can empathy. Fortunately, The UOS Times has 12 reporters to help achieve this goal and there are many other seniors to support us. I am not alone as the Editor-in-Chief and one of the journalists. I will try to commit not only to write journalistic articles but also to communicate to our 12 journalists.

Editor-in-Chief Kim Jung-gon and the 12 reporters for The UOS Times will start another prosperous voyage. Please look forward to our coming issues!

Kim Jung-gon

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