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Rest in Peace, Captain Kim
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[0호] 승인 2018.10.23  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Five Gurzahimal expedition members passed away in a snowstorm on Oct. 12. The 2018 Gurjahimal expedition, led by a captain, the late Kim Chang-ho (School of Business Administration, ’88), was hit by a snowstorm on the Himalayan Dwarlagari Mountain expedition before staying at the base camp. Other than the late Kim, Yoo Young-jik, Lee Jae-hoon, and Lim Il-jin, and Jeong Joon-mo passed away in this accident. Five members were found as corpses on Oct. 14 and they were carried a coffin into Korea on Oct. 17.

The joint funeral for five members was held from 2 p.m. on Oct. 19 at the Main Auditorium of UOS. It began with silent tribute and the last video on the expedition camera was shown at the funeral. After video being shown, Jeong Gi-bum, the president of Corean Alpine Club (CAC), offered his condolences. He reminisced his life of past and said “The Captain Kim was always the man who thought about his climb.” After addresses of two celebrities, climber Kim Jae-su and Kim Young-mi recited some poems for mourning five members. While Lee In-jeong, the president of the Union of Asian Alpine Association (UAAA) was about to make a speech, there was a happening that one of the condolers claimed to him for protesting his affairs. After making speech, the folk group “Alpenetrio” sang for dedicating to the five late. At last, this funeral wrapped up with the bereaved and mourners stepping onto the podium to see their last moment off.

As soon as he enrolled in the University of Seoul (UOS), Kim Chang-ho started to become a professional climber by joining to club of mountain climbing. While starting to alpine climbing in 1993, he achieved to explore about 40 alpine mountains and he had won the Golden Pikel Award as a best alpine alpinist of Asia in the Himalayan alpine style. Also, he finished climbing the 14 Himalayan peaks in 2013 for the shortest time in the world.

When the late was alive, he talked about the driving force behind climbing the Himalayas for the proletariat. "The higher we go, the more curiosity and fear we have. There is curiosity and fear about what happens to the human body. I think that there is an unpredictable hazard that leads to a climb. My curiosity about mountains and people led me to the mountains." Also, a motto of the late was “from home to home,” which means that not only did he reach the top but he succeeded to return to home safely.

Reported by Kim Jin-woo, Choi Hyun-jung, Lee Seo-hyun

▲ Caption: Joint Funeral Holding on the Main Auditorium

Credit: Kim Jin-woo

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