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Book Talk: I Spilled Longing on, of All Men, You
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[0호] 승인 2018.11.16  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Book talk “I spilled longing on, of all men, you” took place on Nov. 15 at 3 p.m. at the AV room in the Centennial Anniversary Hall. The speaker was Shin Hyeon-taek (Dept. of Urban Administration, ’11), a writer who works on Korea Expressway Corporation. He started his career as an author through 2017 Book Plaza Contest and recently published a book, named I Spilled Longing on, of All Men, You.

In this program, Shin presented and introduce two parts of his life; literature life as an essayist, and tips for preparation of government officers and public enterprises. In writing theme, he advised people to write consistent and characterful writing style that embodies their own feelings, rather than perfect essay writing that satisfies everyone. Also, as to the next theme of preparing employment, he revealed his story of preparing for examinations of government officers and his failure of these process. Then, he said to the story of overcoming through failures. He told to the audience that they should not fluctuate between hopes and fears about the results of tests and interviews, but they have to think that it will be a good experience even if you fail the exams or interviews for being recruited.

After his talk, audience could ask some questions and author Shin answered these questions. For job seekers and preparing for government workers or public enterprises in the University of Seoul, he said, “there is no experience to throw away. I have failed the government office examination, but it could be a “cornerstone” for their future life. I think that even if it is minor experiences, it would be valuable and would have lessons on some flows of their life. Therefore, if you cherish all your experiences, you will have good results.”

Reported by Kim Kyung-sun, Lee Ho-jun

Shin Hyeon-taek talking tips for preparing exams and recruitment with his experiences

Photo by Kim Kyung-sun

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