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Let us Fall in Love with Cats in UOS
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[0호] 승인 2018.11.30  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

There are lots of cats living in the University of Seoul (UOS). They are called Sinyang-yi and each of them has their own name. Some students who take care of cats administrate some pages that upload photos of Sinyang-yi on Instagram, and Everytime, an online community. The UOS Times checked them out.

  1. Where do cats often appear and how many times do they usually live in school?

- There are always a lot of places around the Liberal Art Building. It is not sure how many of them there are but there are about 29 cats that I take care of and about 40 in total.

2. Who takes care of food for cats?
- I know that residents and faculties do.

3. Who takes the sick cat to the hospital and how do they pay for it?
-Students often capture several injured cats and then they raise money for post-care in hospitals; such as ear surgery, post-surgery, car accident cost raising, and so on.

4. What do you want to say to students of UOS
-Thank you for your interest in drilling and love. When there is a sick cat, everyone will be able to take care of them. I am so proud as a caretaker. I want you to be careful about the habit of putting Gignyang-yi, which is a name of cat living in Dormitory. It tends to drink water on a drinking fountain in the dormitory building because other classmates who do not like cats may be offended. If you upload photos on the pages in a day, I receive seven to eight pieces of photos. Thanks for sending me lots of photos of good quality and fun and cute Sinyang-yi.

While reporting cats in campus, The UOS Times got interested that UOS students have lots of attention for cats in campus. The UOS Times hope to pay more attentions for cats living in throughout the campus.

Reported by Kim Jin-woo, Yi Se-won, Choi Eun-hye

▲ Photos of Sinyang-yi on Joongang-no (Central Avenue, in English)

Photo by Kim Jin-woo

▲ Sinyang-yi taking a rest on a table

Photo by Kim Jin-woo

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