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Price Increase at UOS Cafeteria
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[149호] 승인 2018.12.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Since Sep. 3, UOS has raised its food prices. This price increase applies not only to cafeterias but also to various cafes and to WEB, a fast-food restaurant at UOS. Some of the items sold on the first floor of the Student Hall have been significantly raised in price compared to last year. For example, the price of an order of small octopus fried rice was raised from 2,800 KRW to 4,000 KRW. WEB also raised the prices of most menu items, since burgers had been sold at fairly low prices for a very long time. For instance, the Bulgamja (bulgogi and potato) burger set had been offered at 3,300 KRW up until the current semester, but now costs 4,100 KRW. Furthermore, the price of coffee at UOS cafes has risen, too. The price of a hot cup of Americano was 1,600 KRW in 2017, but its price has been modified to 1,800 KRW this semester.

Due to these increases for most menu items, some students have expressed disappointment. Some of them have even raised questions about the quality of our food compared with the price increases. Jeong Jin-young (School of Economics, ’17) said, “I often enjoy having a pork cutlet-mayo-rice. Although the price of this menu item was also raised to 4,000 KRW, I do not think there has been any qualitatively different change considering the current price. Also, I understand that this change was inevitable due to the rapid rise in prices of course, but I was embarrassed because I had not received any advance notice about this change. I just want UOS to let us know the reason for these price changes.”

Reported by Jeong Ji-eun

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