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Application for 2018 Winter Season Semester
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[149호] 승인 2018.12.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

The Student Council Mingling (U:llim) accepted applications for the 2018 winter semester from October 17 to 26. With this application, UOS students were able to apply for the classes they want to take, and if these classes are held, they would be able to take them during the 2018 winter semester.

The Student Council conducted a pre-survey on October 14 before the real application period, and announced the results of this demand survey on the 16. As a result, Computer Programming was the most in demand with 51 students, followed by C-programming and Microprocessor with 23 and 22 students, respectively. In liberal arts, Understanding of Movies was the most in demand with seven people, followed by Humans and Environment with six. However, the demand survey just investigated demand in advance, so it is not directly relevant to the offering of classes. Thus, additional applications should be made to determine whether classes will be held.

During the actual application period from October 17 to 26, students were able to apply for the classes they want to take during the 2018 winter semester, and if particular criteria are met, they will be held during the winter semester this year. The specific criteria are as follows. First, there should be at least 13 applicants for the class.

The Student Council announced that “if the number of applicants for the class does not exceed twelve, it will not be opened.” Also, it has to fit in with the situation of the relevant department office. If the above criteria are met, the class can be held during the 2018 winter semester. During the application period, the Student Council posted the online application site on Gwangjang, the UOS online community, and placed application forms at UOS buildings. Applications could be submitted online or at department offices.

As the Department of Computer Science and Engineering held the C-Programming Language course in the summer semester this year, it is expected that classes students want to take will be held during this year’s winter semester.

Reported by Lee Ho-jun

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