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Lee Seung-min  |
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[149호] 승인 2018.12.10  
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Cover Story: Love yourself

The UOS Times covered a simple test to identify your state of self-esteem more accurately. It was great to check my mental condition and compare it with the results of the UOS students by a simple test. It was also interesting to find out about the relationship between love and self-esteem. I think it is important to find our own way to raise self-esteem. The UOS Times recommended that you visit the UOS Counseling Center if you have mental difficulties. It would be a great help. I hope all UOS students can love themselves and enjoy their own lives.

Society: Can Society Find Happiness?

This article introduced two recent trends of happiness, which are “work-time balance” and “small but definite happiness.” You may have heard about these two concepts of happiness. Through the article, readers can review the pros and cons of each one. Readers can also find out more about the governmental efforts to increase social happiness. This article would be a good opportunity for readers to think about genuine social happiness.

Do You Know: Colors Can Keep You in Health

Have you heard about the relationship between color and health? This article deals with such a fresh topic. It was interesting to learn about colorful foods and their phytochemicals, which help to improve our health. Each color has positive effects on our body such as strengthening of immunity or fatigue recovery. This article also introduced great ways to enjoy them in healthy ways. It would be helpful for any students who cook with fruits and vegetables.

Opinion - The Duplicity of People: Not Easy To Solve, But To Solve

The writer focused on human beings, insisting that the fundamental reason is the duplicity of people. Despite many good policies with beneficial purposes, if there is no genuine conscience, all of them are meaningless. In a better world, regular self-reflection is essential to maintain our own values. This may seem too idealistic, but it is the most important thing. I wish all students would read this opinion piece again and review the relationship between the human psyche and social problems.

Lee Seung-min
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, ’18

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