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Servant Leadership: Motivation to be a Good Influence
Kim Jung-gon  |
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[150호] 승인 2019.03.25  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

These days, I thought deeply about my role in this organization. After taking charge as editor, I recklessly focused on publishing affairs and was so busy with my major classes that I could not answer and think carefully about an essential question: “What?is my role as Editor-in-Chief?” Naturally, I thought about what “footprints” I was leaving as leader of The UOS Times. Recalling the past, from the time when I began working as a cub-reporter, I came to realize two personae in my role as an editor.

My first persona is a kind of energizing force. I could realize my passion regardless of difficulties or work preferences. Especially, I could be proud of my passionate persona for publishing work. In spite of this merit, there were two critical problems I noticed with this behavior. The first was that I was so passionate that I could not consider the difficulties of my peers. I neglected to consider that what I like to do can be what others do not. Another problem is burnout. From some periods, I felt seriously tired. All of our members also seemed to be having a tough time.

My second persona is like the senior officer of a government institution or public corporation. In the publishing industry, this may be a convenient and efficient role to take because members can do what an editor recommends or directs them to do. Also, if some reporters are mistaken while reporting important public affairs, correctional comments are necessary. However, this was sometimes the worse of my two personae. For example, if a leader arbitrarily advances some important tasks which need to discussed with the entire reporting staff, it worsens the morale of an organization and each reporter’s ability.

I realized that these two personae can best serve their purpose when I am not specifically identified as a “leader,” but as a “servant.” When I am called a “leader” I can behave as if I am superior to others. In my experience, this type of thought can result in dogmatic and arrogant behavior, a lack of empathy towards others, and so on. Also, I could better question certain issues and communicate and discuss ideas with peer reporters when I was labeled as a “servant” instead of a supervisor or senior.

Moreover, I began to realize that a forte of my two personae could maximize when I placed more value on the idea of “community” over another result. I should be a passionate editor while gladly welcoming others’ opinions and act as a “servant” to the development of our press. I have three months remaining in my role as Editor-in-Chief. While publishing the 151st?issue of The UOS Times, I tried to show more passion not as a “leader” but as a “servant.”

For the 150th issue, a new feature called “Trend” tackles two subjects expected to become hot-button issues this year in Korean society; As Being Myself and Manners Maketh the Consumer. In addition, for our Cover Story, The UOS Times?explores employment opportunities for University of Seoul (UOS) students and analyzes expected occupational outcomes for three colleges: Engineering, Arts and Physical Education, and Humanities and Social Science. In our Society feature, readers can get to know Internet addiction and examine its prevalence among our readership.

Kim Jung-gon

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