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Movementary: Flim your Dream
Choi Eun-hye  |
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[150호] 승인 2019.03.25  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Club activities are considered to be the “flowers of college life,” especially for freshmen. Many students join clubs to get meaningful experiences that cannot be obtained by their major studies. As the University of Seoul does not have any major related to media studies and filming, some students have created their own club called “Movementary.”
So, The UOS Times interviewed members of the club “Movementary.”

To be ready to shoot

Filming outside

Can you briefly introduce “Movementary”?
Movementary is the Central Club related to filmmaking. This club was originally formed by students from the Department of Urban Sociology who were carrying out a video project. Since then, more members have joined not only from the Department of Urban Sociology, but also from various other majors.
At first, we only focused on documentaries, but we have now started to explore various other genres. In order to decide the kind of video we should make, we hold a weekly meeting. In addition, every member must pay 25,000 KRW per semester as an activity fee.

Having a rehearsal before shooting


Can you tell me about the main activities of “Movementary”?
We hold a regular film show every year in November. With support from the Club Union, we rent a theater off-campus. There is no restriction on genre and personnel organization so students can make whatever type of videos they want. In the past, we ranked every movie at the film show and gave prizes to certain teams. However, nowadays, we no longer make it a competition. The original purpose of the show is to fully enjoy the process of making films.
In order to create a video for the show, the following three steps must be followed : creat scenario, shoot a video, and edit the video. In case of documentaries, we do not need any scenario, but when it comes to dramatic films, scenario and continuity are both very crucial. Therefore, when we write a screenplay, we need have serious discussions about the plot. After several meetings, we begin filming.

For more specific information about the process of filmmaking, the UOS times interviewed the directors of the movies The Regulation To Reduce Plastic Goods and T-rex and the leader of Movementary.

Interviewee : The Regulation To Reduce Plastic Goods

The Regulation to Reduce Plastic Goods

What is the most difficult thing you have experienced while making a film?
The process of interviewing someone was the most difficult thing. We had to schedule an appointment before visiting the interviewee. This was one of the biggest obstacles for making the film. As many people know, all the members are students so they already had many personal appointments such as team projects, assignments, and so on. For this reason, it was difficult to schedule all of the interviews.

How did you edit the film?
Because we had already written a scenario before shooting, it was not that hard to edit all of the scenes together. However, we had to discuss seriously how to edit in the insertcut which is a short video clip between interviews. If we selected an inappropriate insertcut, the structure of the film would be ruined. We wanted to make the film well organized, so we talked a lot about the order of each video clip.

Interviewee : T-rex


The form of the film is very innovative, how do you come up with this unusual idea?
At first, we decided that this film’s genre should be comedy. So, we put our heads together before starting to shoot the film. All of our members thought that we could make a hidden camera film more easily than a sketched film. We had trouble writing a formal scenario because all of filmmakers were amateurs. After choosing the formation, we converted our ideas into actions.

How did you shoot the film?
After choosing a formation, we decided to deceive each other. All members agreed to deceive and surprise each other, in turn. Since we were shooting a hidden camera film, each member was not told when the film would be shot. Both this secret and the loud laughs that follow are the key points to our film.

Interviewee : Leader of Movementary

Between A and B

If you need an actor for a film, how did you cast that actor?
We advertise to find an actor. After that, students interested in acting get in touch with us. Other university students can also participate in our films. After meeting up, we shoot the film together. Our members also act in the films.

If someone wants to enter movementary, should they know how to shoot and edit the video?
No. We hold a workshop during school vacation and have a mentor – menti system. This means that anyone can learn how to shoot and edit in your club. During the vacation workshop, the mentor will explain the entire process of filming such as shooting, editions, and so on. You do not have to worry about a lack of knowledge because all current members will educate new members thoroughly.

How can students join the movementary?
Please get in touch with us. Our club room is 311 in the Student Hall. If you leave your phone number in the club room, we will get in touch with you. Also, you can just let one of the members know that you want to join Movementary.

Throughout an interview with some of the filmmakers of Movementary, we could learn more about this Central Club and the process of making movies. The UOS times highly recommends this club to anyone who is interested in filmmaking. Flim your dream with Movementary!

Choi Eun-hye
Hong Sung-hwa

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