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The First of Korea’s Spring Flowers
Jeong Ji-eun  |
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[150호] 승인 2019.03.25  
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The season of new beginnings, spring is coming. Every year at this time, most people get excited by the warmth of sunlight, and the gentle spring breeze makes them want to go out. So, The UOS Times recommends four places where you can feel the scent of spring. Two of them are in Seoul, so you can go easily. The other two are outside Seoul, but well worth visiting, even if it takes some time.

Seoul Forest

Tulips in Seoul Forest

Located between Jungnang Stream and Han River, Seoul Forest is a consistently popular spot for citizens. In spring, colorful flowers fill the wide park, such as forsythia, lilacs, and tulips. At the end of March, you can see cherry blossoms in full bloom. The superb view will explain you why the place is so famous. Also, the park has several experience parks. Among them, The UOS Times highly recommends the Insect Botanical Garden. There are fish, reptiles, and insects that are usually hard to see. Especially after May, you can see butterflies gracefully flying in the garden. If you have time after looking around, it would be good to visit “Understand Avenue” near Seoul Forest.

Seoul Botanical Park

Glasshouse of Seoul Botanical Park

At the Seoul Botanical Park, you can feel the freshness and comfort of the plants in any season. The Seoul Botanical Park presents a new concept for botanical gardens that combines the concept of a park where visitors enjoy leisure and relaxation with that of a botanical garden that displays and informs on a wide variety of plants. This park has attracted visitors as a place to take the best pictures in beautiful scenery with sunshine. Also, the park is about 70 times larger than a soccer field, and it is known as the largest botanical garden in Seoul. In addition, admission is free during a temporary, seasonal period that lasts until May 2019. If you want to take on the scent of spring, go to the outdoor garden. There are a variety of themed gardens that feature the indigenous plants of Korea. For an exotic mood, visit the glasshouse, which is divided into two areas. Roses, hyacinths, and tulips are on display in the Mediterranean region, while nepenthes grow in the tropical region. You can also experience the skywalk that overlooks the Mediterranean and tropical regions. This botanical park will be a nice place for those who want to enjoy a spring picnic indoors as well as outdoors.

Goryeo Mountain Azalea

Goryeo Mountain Azalea

Begin spring with azalea on Ganghwa Island, with the Azalea Festival. It is one of the most popular spring flowers represented on Goryeo Mountain, which located in Ganghwa-gun, Incheon. The organizing committee of the Goryeosan Festival has held a regional festival in the middle of April since 2003 to help the local economy by developing beautiful natural scenery as a tourist resource. Within this festival, visitors can participate in the azalea-focused theme by making a variety of food, performing in a play, or tracking on the mountain. A sightseeing tour along the mountain road usually takes more than one hour starting from different tourist places designated by the committee. Overall, there are a total of five mountain courses, and each course starts at distinct point. There are also different bus schedules recommended on the official festival website. The UOS Times recommends visiting the venue on a trip to Ganghwa one spring day.

Jeju Canola Flowers

Jeju Canola Flowers

In spring on Jeju Island, you can enjoy sightseeing while focusing on the canola flower. In Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, the organizing committee of the Canola Flower Festival invites everyone to Gari, a town known for its wind and its canola blossoms. Canola is the one of the most popular spring flowers, and one of the most representative of Jeju. The flower itself can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, soft leaves and stems can be consumed as vegetables, and the seeds can yield canola oil. Moreover the flowers provide beautiful and panoramic scenery especially in the beginning of April. Within this festival, visitors can appreciate the theme of canola flowers by learning about making air freshener, soap, and hairclips. They can also take village trips around Seogwipo riding ponies, smelling the herbal scents, and rejoicing in the local agricultural products. Besides the festival, there are many places in Jeju to see canola flowers, such as Halla and Songak Mountains. However, not only can visitors can photograph the pleasing flowers along the road, but they can also experience numerous activities all in one place. The UOS Times recommends visiting the venue on a trip to Jeju on a fine spring day

To enjoy spring to the fullest, The UOS Times has recommended two places in Seoul, one on Ganghwa Island, and one on Jeju Island where you can have a delightful spring. Besides these four places, there are many other locations where you can see flowers, trek through dense clouds hanging along mountain ridges, and travel by train to visit more flower festivals. Spring can be the best time among all the seasons to enjoy outdoor activities, and these places all beautiful destinations in mild weather. Take pleasure from the sunlight with the beginning of the season.

Jeong Ji-eun
Lee Seo-hyun

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