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Opinions about Messages to be Cautious from Prejudice
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[150호] 승인 2019.03.25  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Society maintains many stereotypes, and many people have tried to break them. Above all, people have discriminated against the disadvantaged or anyone they consider to be different. As a result, these people have experienced a lot of disregard and stress. The UOS Times would like to introduce two trends that may help to break down stereotypes and discrimination. The first is As Being Myself, and the second is Manner Maketh the Consumer. In consideration of these two trends, three of our reporters exchange their opinions about each trend.

Park Jun-young

As Being Myself that put emphasis on self-respecting can change society by acting against traditional values. Recently, some Koreans are obsessed with plastic surgery and losing their weight to make themselves look prettier to others. Also, Koreans tend to bother traditional values. Getting divorced is one of the examples of this case. Although it is natural to get divorced if you are not happy while you are married in other countries, it tends to be considered as problematic in Korea. As a result, it seems that divorced people become depressed and self-esteem drops. If As Being Myself become one of a major trends in Korea, it would be good solutions without bothering attentions to other people and would pursue their own happiness against existing traditional values. As a result of As Being Myself, I expect that Koreans’ happiness index can go up.

Kim Kyung-sun

People become freer than before as a result of As Being Myself. Sometimes it made us uncomfortable to consider attentions of others more than my needs because we should be careful about every single action we did. So, it would be a good change that people set their own standards when they do something. Think about someone having a meal alone. Some people thought it is pitiful so they tend to be shame to themselves because of having a meal “alone.” However, as people become free from other’s attention, more and more people enjoy eating alone. Like this, changes of social trend make people to live much freely. Thus, this change would be a great help to promote diversity of the society. As Being Myself gives us the opportunity to rethink about ourselves, rather than conforming to social customs. It is an important step towards the society which values diversity.

Kang Ju-na

As Being Myself is the keyword of this year, reflecting the point of the previous year. As Being Myself means that other’s gazes is not important and that one’s own views are important. So far, it has been known that Korean consumers are likely to change their mind because of others’ senses. However, more and more people are trying to love themselves on their own eyes now. As Being Myself is a trend that reflects this. The key point of As Being Myself is to reject stereotyped customs and norms. Also, As Being Myself acknowledges “differences”, not the “wrongs.” According to the 2019 trend of As Being Myself, I think it would be better to value myself more than others this year. In addition, I hope that this trend continues and that people insist on their thoughts against prejudices of society.

Hong Sung-hwa

Many customers have also taken the attitude that they are king, and they sometimes abuse their rights and behave irresponsibly. In fact, according to a survey conducted by a job-seeking site, 90 percent of part- time workers have said they have felt mentally hurt because of immoral behavior by consumers. It has been a big issue because some rude manners cause enormous monetary damage to the restaurant. As this problem arises from repetitively ill-mannered customers, some voices have come out for improving labor conditions. One of the ideas being raised is the concept of worker-customer balance. People have started to focus not only on the rights of consumers, but also the rights of workers. In the past, only workers were forced to act politely, but now both consumers and workers have to behave gently. It is not difficult to become an ideal customer. A little consideration toward workers can ensure their right to work in a satisfying atmosphere.

Choi Hyun-jung

One of the trends Manner Maketh the Consumer is a term that people should know. This literally means a well-mannered consumer. The term has emerged as consumers abused their power. It made our society shocked. I could have felt strongly that issue when I watched a news reporting that consumers overuse power to workers. Also, when I visited some shops, I can easily find a warning statement to respect staffs at the counter. Perhaps, many people do not even know whether their actions are violence to staffs. Thus, I think it is necessary to know this keyword and to recognize the things that are relevant to it. By doing so, people can look back on themselves and learn the inappropriate attitude or actions. Through this, I hoped that consumers respect workers. Also, this trend implies that a Korean society has evolved and paid more attention to the rights to workers.

Shin Ji-hye

“Fair and free competition among companies has given consumers greater rights to enjoy the products and services they want. The level of kindness to customers also has also risen. The problem is that some consumers abuse that kindness. The ill-mannered behaviors of some consumers, such as over-tourism and the no-show, have increased, and they have infringed on the rights of workers. As a result, a balance of manners between workers and consumers has emerged as a new trend. According to some journals, workers feel respected when the consumers accept their greetings or express gratitude for the services they provide. It is not that difficult to keep consumer manners. Little actions in manners and change an outdated perception to be hierarchical. Our society has to make a horizontal, respectful culture between consumers and workers.”

The UOS Times wishes for a Korean society that will become discrimination-free and minimize outdated biases.

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