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Why the Absolute Standard is Needed?
Yang Cho-myeong  |
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[150호] 승인 2019.03.25  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Post modernism is a well-known and current movement these days. That is to say, everything is relative and every value is dependent on how the individual thinks. Whether the real answer is correct or not is no longer relevant. It can seem helpful to break apart outdated customs previously considered to be universal truths. However, I think we should also stop encouraging excessive “diversity.” I would like to share some cases and tell some reasons why an “absolute standard” is still necessary.

Imagine that someone had a car accident. This person must compensate another person for the damage. However, he or she definitely wants to pay as little as possible. Thus, this person can claim why he or she must compensate with a fair amount. The reason why I provided this example is to emphasize how important an “absolute standard” is. There are so many cases in which we cannot easily judge a situation on the surface. Therefore, certain criteria are necessary for minimizing unfairness. A constitution and some laws can provide standards of measurement for judgement. If there are no way to distinguish between what is right and wrong, we may waste a lot of time and money arguing over whose opinion is right. An absolute standard can prevent our society from wasting social capital.

While considering our standards, we must be “cautious” not to accept everything as truth. Pedophilia is one example in which it is necessary to avoid senseless approval. A pedophile is a person who feels an abnormal sexual attraction towards prepubescent children. Civilized societies around the world do not?tolerate?pedophilia because these cultures do not associate a “child”?with sexual objectification. However, a proposition about pedophilia legalization was submitted in California in 2013. This proposition was put forth in the name of “human rights.” Then, would it not be acceptable to also include other perversions such as polygamy, zoophilia, and so on? How long do you think these behaviors can be prevented? Things that we consider to be insane can be normalized in the near future. It is just matter of time. I would like to call for a collective thought reorganization to recognize the importance of why we should think carefully before accepting new things and why absolute truths that serve as decision-making standards must continue to exist.

In conclusion, I know that these kinds of standards could be considered “inflexible.” Furthermore, according to the general doctrine of human rights, these standards could have a negative impact on the freedom of the individual. However, the reliability and stability provided by the absolute standard should not be overlooked. We have to make sure to understand the reason why many of our ancestors have kept it secure throughout history. Maybe, we need to restore these standards to their “natural value.” Of course, it takes time to form rules and criteria. However, the world has become more globalized and communication between different locales is easier than ever. So, these globalized societies will make the world seem smaller and each nation seem closer. Therefore, with the whole world almost united, this is the best time to consider absolute standards. If not, we will all lose our way in the future. Also, although diversity seems to make each person’s life better, it can sometimes have ruinous effects on humanity. If someone were to ask me whether or not it is right to accept every lifestyle in the name of human rights, I would answer “perhaps not.”

Yang Cho-myeong
Dept. of Public Administration, ’14

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