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Kim Jung-gon  |
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[151호] 승인 2019.06.13  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Promoting school plays a vital role when it comes to seeking ways to effectively increase school awareness among the general public and thus raise school prestige. The University of Seoul (UOS) has three main organizations called SCOUTER, IRUMI, and TIME:LINE, that assume the responsibility of upholding the school name. The UOS Times now introduces them to our readers.

A leader of TIME:LINE; Lee Seok-yi (Dept. of Architecture, ’13), introduced, “We are planning to communicate with our alumni, other university students, high school students and their parents on various topics. For example, we are going to make card news and YouTube videos with various content: daily life of UOS students, social issues and values, and famous restaurants nearby our campus to promote our university to the subscribers.” In fact, they are operating an official Social Media account of UOS and are planning to broadcast on their official YouTube channel called “Baebong Therapy.” Their goal is to make UOS to be more widely known and beloved by many people. Lee also added that he is going to stress that UOS is a place truly adored by many, and it does not require statistical or numerical evidence to prove it. “Nowadays, lots of universities only boast their strengths such as having the highest employment rate or the highest scholarship reception rate. But I do not want to promote UOS in the same way; I do not want to advertise the commercial side of the university. Rather, I want to let those who are truly proud and fond of UOS speak for UOS instead,” he said.

One of online contents posted on Instagram webpage (uos_official_)

To begin with, IRUMI is committed to representing UOS on behalf of the UOS board of directors. IRUMI conducts campus tours for junior high and high school students alike and utilizes university pamphlets, news cover models, mass media, and so on, to boost the school reputation in general. Moreover, IRUMI focuses on organizing school events or festivals and utilizes online means to enhance their efficiency in school promotion.
Their number one priority is showcasing UOS itself to prospective students, and infusing school pride among current UOS students. IRUMI also seeks to give out as much school information as possible and let the candidate students experience what it would be like to have campus life at UOS, having the ultimate goal of helping them with their university choices. For the upcoming 2nd semester, IRUMI is aiming to provide for a hands-on college experience program for prospective students to allow them to actually get a taste of real-life college-level studies.

▲ IRUMI members leading a campus tour
▲ IRUMI ambassadors

SCOUTER is an ambassador affiliated to Office of Admissions Affairs with three main goals. First, they give information and counseling about admission to UOS to any students who want to enroll at UOS. Also, they participate in the University Admissions Fair and give entrance consultation to high school students and their parents. Moreover, they also promote UOS by making various videos and card news about introducing UOS. Choi Hwa-yong (School of Environmental Engineering, ’15), a leader of SCOUTER, mentioned the goal of such way of promoting the university is to make high school seniors get interested in UOS. “By first attracting the high school students’ interest in our university, we would have more students who have a positive image of UOS. Thus, more and more competent freshmen are likely to enroll at our university in the future. For this goal, SCOUTER is putting effort into creating materials with various content to which high school students can easily relate.”

By interviewing each leader of ambassadors about their vision and methods of promotion, we finally got to know that all three organizations keep trying their best to promote UOS. The UOS Times finally asked each leader to explain the biggest attraction or their vision of UOS in one word.

▲ A photo taken after mentoring program SCOUTER held
▲ SCOUTER ambassadors

We think UOS is UOS, and there is all there is to it. Unlike majority of other universities, our campus does not have any fancy buildings, and I think its simplicity is actually what creates that comfortable and homely atmosphere in UOS. On a modest campus, the students are also modest and sincere. This is what I see as the biggest attraction of UOS.

We think UOS acts as a “stepping stone” to the future and to the world. The school’s ultimate objective is to provide every possible means of assistance for their students to attain their goals. Most importantly, UOS strives to expand its horizons beyond the borders of Korea.

We think UOS is a “helper.” The university has provided a number of assistance and opportunities to students who strive to achieve their goals. UOS has constantly tried to help students achieve their dreams by providing them with financial and educational support. Thus, passionate students can achieve their dreams and enhance their ability furthermore getting supported in large part by UOS.

The three leaders shared three different words to explain the image of UOS they have in mind when they think of UOS. With their stories shared, The UOS Times could figure out that UOS has various charms and merits, and with the commitment and effort of those leaders and the institutions to further enhance them, the future of UOS will be hopeful.

Kim Jung-gon
Chi Hyo-lim
Jang Beom-gyu

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